A Good Branding Strategy is Critical to your Overall B2B Marketing Plans

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid refocus on strengthening multichannel, digital marketing and digital sales efforts, companies and even audiences are now experiencing an online content crisis of sorts. This is why content marketers and B2B Marketing leaders are now required to not only rethink their content strategy to make it more personal, relevant and creative enough to stand out from the crowd; they have to use associated elements of a good content presence to ensure their content, their overall brand positioning and online customer journey are aligned more seamlessly.

Marketing teams today have a wide content base from which to inspire their core content formats and overall content marketing strategies. While some brands are known to capitalize on podcasts or online webinars to drive marketing growth and customer engagement, many others drive their plans keeping other channels like email marketing a core focus area.

But in a multichannel online world, where all of these efforts have to align to speak to a centralized theme that can portray a unified brand strategy and brand identify as well as vision, it is common for marketers to experience a few lags or oversight.

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What are some of the crucial B2B branding strategies and elements that B2B Marketers need to be more attentive to? Let’s explore a few:

What does your ‘’About Your Brand’’ Section say Across Online Channels?

Most marketers, including start ups will follow the usual cues of creating brand pages on various social media platforms to increase thei.

One of the basic must-dos when doing this is ensuring your brand’s ‘’About Us’’ on the website, the various social media pages and other informative online platforms and listings sound or read the same.

This rule also applies to ensuring the company logos are the same across these pages and the website and that the name of the brand is also the same, to reduce customer complexity and confusion.

Experienced marketing and sales leaders who understand the importance of this in the overall brand growth strategy will also ensure other key elements like their pricing pages (across the website, other marketing and sales outreach) sports the most updated details or packages.

Using the Right Brand Templates for Marketing and Sales Campaigns

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to boost brand presence and growth in the market. Revamping your website, re-launching your brand with a new logo and redoing your brand colors are also part of this game. Marketers who undertake a complete brand update and brand facelift also need to align this to their other teams and departments. An email marketing campaign that sports an updated logo while a sales rep’s outreach sports the older logo with an outdated sales presentation that also has an older logo might not seem like a big deal, but it can confuse potential prospects, especially those who haven’t heard of your products or services before. This is where marketing leaders need to step in to host updated content assets and marketing and sales collaterals in centralized CRMs or Content Management Systems to make it easier for their global sales reps to have easy access to the most recent sales and marketing collaterals.

Decision-Makers Play a Key Role in Long-Term Branding Goals

If decision-makers at the level of the CMO, CSO, etc do not see the importance of branding as a long-term growth strategy, marketing and sales teams will always have a disjointed representation of their brand messaging and pitches.

Decision-makers who align on a core brand concept and work towards ensuring this theme is maintained across all online channels and their team campaigns will contribute towards a more unified brand image which also helps new prospects and future customers identify with a united brand identity.

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Leading brands who believe in the importance of a strong branding strategy will also ensure their HR department and employees are aligned to this core brand positioning and messaging theme. Ensuring unified brand messaging across hierarchies can boost the overall employee and customer experience significantly while giving employees a more solid work culture. Many leading brands for instance choose to pre-set their official device screensavers to sport their logos and company positioning or tagline before issuing it to employees for use.

Branding is Especially Crucial to Companies with Multiple Product Lines

A strong focus on building a master brand can make it easier for marketers to segment audiences and also capitalize on years of brand positioning and growth to cross promote new products and new product lines. A strong central corporate brand can easily reach a wider circle and boost customer loyalty while reducing confusion in the marketplace too. Building a brand that is known for its multiple products can provide better long-term opportunities and stable growth structure, also contributing to easier marketing processes in future.

Amplifying your Brand Starts with a Well Oiled Multichannel Branding Strategy

In a digital marketplace that is now suffering from a content saturation of sorts, going back to the basics is becoming important to break away from the noise and build brand recognition and brand recall in the eyes of the online customer. A good branding strategy can expand your audience, establish your brand and boost new lead generation and sales opportunities more seamlessly.

Your branding efforts can also be measured effectively if you put key performance indicators in place, evaluate what isn’t falling in place or what is impacting your brand recognition in the market – doing this consistently can improve your overall brand image and brand strategy.

The importance of building a core brand position is just as crucial in B2B marketing today as driving deeper customer relationships with more meaning and personalization.

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