3 Key Email Marketing Trends To Keep In Mind for The Rest Of 2021!

In 2020, marketers had to undergo rapid changes to their processes (and even choice of martech!). The pandemic which is still showing its effects in several parts of the world also led consumers to be pickier in the way they chose to interact with brands.

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In today’s always-on digital first business world where virtual meetings and multi digital channels are the go-to choice for marketing and sales teams, consistent (and creative) email marketing campaigns and strategies can prove to be effective communication channels. But keeping in mind changes in workplace cultures and today’s largely hybrid based working model, email marketing strategies have to be crafted carefully to ensure better ROI.

What are some of the trends that marketers can include in their email marketing through 2021 to drive more results? Here are a few ideas:

Appreciating the Customer is Better than Marketing to them!

It’s been a year of challenges for most through 2020, a key factor that was most business leaders needed to implement was a process in which they could increase employee engagement and drive productivity by appreciating their team’s work. Taking a cue from this, customer appreciation bears its own benefits, it can prove to give more revenue than typical marketing promotional emails. Today’s customers crave a higher degree of empathy seeing the surrounding issues, using this to your marketing benefit to simply communicate with the customer, wish them on a special occasion, thank them for being your patron or even just to share something motivational can help you gain more traction from your email marketing while also helping you strengthen your customer relationship for the long-term: a much needed factor. Customer appreciation emails can take many forms and can be used in a multitude of ways.

In 2020, many of the world’s leading brands took to emails and social media to thank frontline workers and medical staff for their support during the pandemic, many others shared special offers and discounts for frontline workers and medical staff via email and social media, while this isn’t a typically reference to what a customer appreciation email could look like, it can give marketers other ideas, not only with the aim of pushing their email marketing ROI but also to build a better customer bond.

Short, Crisp and Most Importantly – Mobile-Friendly Emails!

Marketers today have to focus on a strong omnichannel digital experience, a strong mobile experience fits into this core strategy. Prospects and customers use their computers and handheld devices to consume content today and mobile browsing has crossed desktop browsing over the years. A study my Litmus once showed that mobile email open rates were higher than desktop or other devices. This is where marketers need to pay attention to the tone of the email and its design, to ensure that when its consumed via a mobile device, it is easy to read, easy to understand, easy to respond to (or order from, in the case of an ecommerce company!). Most leading email automation platforms allow marketers to optimize the mobile version of an email but for others, choosing a layout that renders well across devices by default is a basic fundamental to keep in mind.

Value-add versus Entertainment

While the good part with running marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels is that marketers have a variety of options through which to share their marketing messaging with prospects and customers, the content and copy that is being communicated now doesn’t have to only serve as a value-add but also serve to entertain readers and consumers. Consumers today are inundated with emails and promotional messages, moreover, every brand big or small has learnt to create an active digital presence on few at least (if not many) digital channels. But what remains common here is that email marketing is a must for any digital outreach today.

To enhance your customer experience with improved email marketing tactics, use of videos, animations, creative images or content that stands out because it flows like a poem, for instance, can be starting points! 88% of marketers have said in a recent study that interactive content helps differentiate them from their competitors, with competition at an all-time high, marketers are now required to use their basic marketing mediums more creatively and with the right messaging tactics to drive customer experiences and customer engagements.

When it comes to email marketing, marketers won’t be able to do away with this channel at least for a long time coming. But they can make the most of the channel using creative email templates, designs and optimized email marketing plans to drive email marketing success despite email marketing becoming more crowded as a marketing channel.

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