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Skystra Cloud, The Premier Web Services Platform For WordPress Hosting, Acquires Tiffin Web Services

Skystra Cloud, is a California based web services company specialized in WordPress hosting services and WooCommerce online business stores. Powered by the world’s premier cloud platform, Skystra customers have access to fast performing hosting for their online presence along with the tools to expand their online reach. Recognized as an industry leader in customer service and forward looking technologies, Skystra announces the acquisition of Toronto-based Tiffin web services. Marketing Technology News: CloudCommerce’s… Group Launches New Lineup of “Pro” Services to Help Small Businesses Build Websites and Enhance Search Engine Optimization

Professional services designed for customers that do not have the time or expertise to design their own website or master SEO Group, a leading web technology company helping millions of customers around the globe thrive in a connected world, announced the introduction of Pro Website and Pro SEO Services, two new products that offer the human touch when it comes to building websites and optimizing SEO. Pro Website and Pro SEO Services are ideal solutions for small businesses on a tight budget who want attractive…

MarTech Post of the Week: Better Insights in Store for Retailers

On a crowded high street, shop owners have to work hard to attract customers, tempt them into browsing and ultimately, encourage them to buy. For this reason, there are classic tricks of the trade – perhaps a grocer will pump out the smell of fresh bread and coffee. They might even have some products unboxed and ready to try out. But all the freshly baked bread in the world won’t help if they’ve put the wrong price tag on key items, hidden the best-selling stock at the back of the store and forgotten to get anyone to cover…