Micro segmentation and B2B Marketing; Tips and Strategies that Help

Micro segmentation is one of the leading techniques that create data zones in data centres and cloud computing conditions. This is done to isolate all the tasks at hand from each other to secure them separately. Micro segmentation helps you to dedicate specific resources to specific tasks, which in turn enhances your productivity. Micro-segmentation can arrange breaking point network traffic, decrease network assault surface, strengthen regulatory compliance, and improve breach containment. Several micro segmentation techniques use the ‘Zero Trust’ approach. Micro-segmentation looks very similar to software-defined networking (SDN) to a layperson. But be aware to not confuse one for the other. 

Use of micro segmentation in B2B marketing

The use of micro segmentation in B2B marketing boosts conversion rates. This becomes possible as  businesses can focus equally on each segment of their customer base. Data collected from customer buying behavior, aspirations and traditional demographics are used in the micro segmentation of the customers. The rate of converting prospects into customers is driven faster with micro segmentation. Almost every successful B2B marketing strategy involves customer segmentation. Businesses are found to greatly rely on micro segmentation to effectively deliver market specific products to appropriate audiences.

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Important Tips and Strategies 

Here are some of the most useful tips and strategies to help you use micro segmentation for the benefit of your business: 

  • While segmenting your audience, don’t just rely on the basic categories such as gender, age, and location. Try to be inclusive while segmenting your audience.
  • While targeting companies, consider the company’s size, the number of employees and their working tenure, revenue, type of industry, location of the company and the end market of that company. This will give you a detailed idea of which micro-segment it will fit best.
  • Customer behavior should be closely monitored before dividing them into micro-segments. The buying stage, content consumed, and engagement patterns of individual customers should be considered.
  • Each customer responds differently to each alternative. Most customers are sensitive to price; delivery, and quality. Segmenting them based on each can help your business deliver better-personalized services.
  • While doing micro segmentation, you should consider contexts such as growth profile, regulatory weight, operating model, previously owned products, and maturity level of the pre-existing customers.

Important micro segmentation tools

Some of the useful tools that will help in better micro segmentation: 

  • Illumio

Illumio is a policy creation engine that does automated segmentation. It has a new automated security enforcement feature that is responsible for creating a zero trust policy. Illumio gains intelligent insights in real-time and creates, enforces, revised and tests security policies. It can efficiently identify and track workload to ensure the smooth functioning of all segments.

  • Algoblu

Algoblu is a very elastic and scalable tool used for micro segmentation. The bandwidth efficiency and network security of Algoblu are better than most traditional networks. Algoblu provides its users with troubleshooting, simplified network provisioning and multi-cloud access. It is capable of segmenting fibre ports and ethernet ports into thousands of virtual ports. 

  • DH2i

DH2i enables its users to establish secure connections between remote users and clouds. The connections established are private and discreetly connected between distributed environments. DH2i makes use of Micro-Tunnel technology to achieve all its functionality. By using this tool, you can eliminate the need for a VPN connection. 

  • Unisys Stealth

Unisys Stealth is a very efficient tool when it comes to micro segmentation. It enforces and monitors zero-trust policies through micro segmentation. It can automatically isolate violators and alert the administration about the same. Unisys Stealth can shrink the attack surface through identity-based micro segmentation. It works over an IP based network.

  • Guardicore

Guardicore Centra micro segmentation allows for the mapping of deep application dependencies and policy enforcement to ensure that any micro segmentation policy is managed continuously. It is capable of applying the micro segmentation policies on any device the specified applications run.

  • ShieldX 

ShieldX provides a multi-cloud system for data centers. It enables its users to automatically define a security strategy. It has a built-in threat prevention technology that is based on risk-based micro segmentation. This, in turn, allows the users to achieve zero trust networking. ShieldX has the unique ability to look beyond ports and protocols to gather information about all the workloads.

With the help of micro segmentation, businesses can deliver more relevant and empathetic content to customers and prospects. The journey from prospect to customer is accelerated in the process, resulting in improved profitability in the long run.

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