Data Privacy And Martech: Top Providers And Why They Play a Crucial Role in Marketing

Privacy is a critical issue, and there are varied opinions on the subject often depending upon the perspective it is viewed from. For every industry, maintaining a certain level of privacy is important and for MarTech-Kers, it is all the more!

As MarTech is booming, this ad hoc growth  – diced and sliced by plenty of intermediaries right from new ad exchanges to demand-side platforms  – all have their own specific functions. The more the intermediaries, the lesser the transparency. As there are newer technologies entering the zone, the industry can be taken by suspicion. Consumers are definitely getting to view the kind of products they want, but they are also weary of their personal privacy and security. Consumers are enjoying the benefits of MarTech because it offers the ability to freely roam across the internet without clashing with any digital paywalls.

To deal with privacy, data protection authorities came up with the General Data Protection Regulation in order to unify common data privacy laws. The rules laid down are such that the individual gets more control over their personal data. The data protection providers are doing their bit to ensure that all the data from the consumer is safeguarded.

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A few of the top Data Protection Providers trying to change the MarTech game:

1. Acronis

Acronis offers disaster recovery, back up and solutions to secure files at one place. One good thing about using Acronis is that it can offer you data protection in any kind of environment, including physical, virtual, mobile and cloud. The company offers the following solutions:

  • Acronis Cyber backup, whose goal is to protect business from malicious cyber-attacks.
  • Acronis True Image is a personal backup software enabling users to duplicate their entire system by capturing all the data for system recovery.
  • Acronis Cyber Protect that integrates data protection, cyber security and data management.

2. AWS

Amazon Web Service (AWS) offers a wide range of IT infrastructure services to various enterprises. Besides data storage, the company offers solutions for cloud computing, networking, databases, content delivery, application services, compliance, backup, data resiliency, and data lifecycle management. The following are the various offerings from the company:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • AWS Backup

3. Arcserve

Arcserve is a popular company offering various backup products. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Unified Data Protection (UDP) – It offers comprehensive backup and recovery in any physical and virtual environment with a unified architecture, migration, continuous availability, email archiving and easy to use console.
  • Arcserve Replication and High Availability
  • Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct
  • UDP Cloud Hybrid.

4. Asigra

Especially designed for cloud computing environments, Asigra offers efficient backup features enabling enterprises to capture, ingest and store less data. It is compatible with private, public and hybrid cloud architecture. It also offers solutions for business continuity, ransomware protection and compliance management.

  • Asigra Cloud Backup solution in powered with agentless software architecture, data compression technology and global duplication.

5. Carbonite

Carbonite offers recovery, cloud-based backup and storage solutions. It also offers cloud data protection to protect the enterprises against accidental deletion or theft, data corruption and hardware failure. Users can also retain their business data to meet the compliance requirements. The following are the solutions offered by Carbonite:

  • Carbonite Data Protection Platform allows organization to deploy the right kind of protection in their systems for data migration, long-term backup to rapid recovery and endpoint protection.
  • Carbonite’s Cloud Disaster Recovery helps in centralizing backup and recovery through distributed channels across the organizations.

6. Clumio

A SaaS platform for enterprise backup, Clumio stores the enterprise data in a secured way. with the help of Clumio, businesses can eliminate the need of hardware and software for backup along with avoiding the complexity and the cost of running any third-party data protection software on the cloud. The products offered by the company are:

  • Clumio’s data protection solution, RansomProtect, is an immutable and air-gapped platform to protect data regardless of its location on the cloud.
  • The solution also offers end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, HIPAA certification and compliance support.

7. Cobalt Iron

Cobalt Iron, is a flagship SaaS based back up solution. Its data protection platform offers four main components viz: Commander, Accelerators, Analytics Engine, and Accelerated Operating System.

  • Compass is the product offering of Cobalt Iron that reduces complexity and the time spent of manual back-up otherwise.

For a MarTech provider or marketer, it is important to adapt to a changing privacy landscape. It is a matter of business survival.

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