What can Help Marketers Boost their YouTube Marketing Initiatives?

Its no secret, video marketing can influence your growth and business ROI. 

YouTube offers numerable opportunities to market a brand and establish a presence. It is effective, impactful and the reach is matchless. YouTube is popular because it caters to both marketers and regular consumers. 

  • 8 out of 10 web users consume YouTube videos on a regular basis. 
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. 
  • Around 1B videos are watched on YouTube every day. 

For modern businesses, launching YouTube videos can prove to be beneficial. There are several popular tools that help you boost YouTube videos and we have clubbed a few top ideas to help you create compelling videos for your YouTube channel. 

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A few smart tips: 

  • Create compelling titles

    1. Use keywords in your title.
    2. Keep the title as short as possible.
    3. Tell readers why they should watch the video. 
  • Limit your video duration

    1. Keep it short as your audience wants for information in a short time. 
    2. Make the video interesting and informative.
    3. Add high-quality content in the video. 
  • Branding your YouTube channel

    1. Use your company logo for your channel.
    2. Include links to your social media and website on the top of the banner. 
    3. Create an interesting bio about your company’s personality. 
  • Include Call to Actions

    1. Be clear about the CTA words you choose.
    2. Add link backs to your website or ask people to subscribe. 
  • Share Videos

    1. Create social communities and be active on those platforms.
    2. Add YouTube videos to SlideShare presentations. 
    3. Share videos on Twitter and Pinterest. 
    4. Integrated your videos with your blog content. 

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A few tools that help in boosting the performance of YouTube video marketing:

  • SE Ranking and CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

SE ranking is a keyword suggestion tool to help you find the right keywords to be added to your YouTube video title. It is important to optimize your video title and SE ranking can help you. 

When you want to analyze your YouTube headlines, CoSchedule will come in action. 

  • Agaropulse

The very social media management tool has some incredible features to manage your YouTube channel. The users can monitor their accounts, engage with their fans and spot nasty trolls. 

Some of the key features of the tool are: save common YouTube replies, separate inbox to manage YouTube comments and so on. 

  • TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy help marketers to manage their YouTube channel easily. The tool offers a free browser extension and can be integrated to mobile or desktops hassle free. 

Some of the key feature of the tool are advanced keyword research, comment filters, schedule posts, and A/B testing. 

  • Vyond

It is a platform that helps create animated videos. Vyond can create professional quality videos for your YouTube channel, and the tool is not very pricey. 

Some of the top features are adding voice-overs, characters, change backgrounds and lots more. 

By using these top YouTube marketing tools, a few brands are successfully running creative YouTube channels proudly catering to their millions of subscribers. Let’s check them out here: 

1. Lego

Lego is a brand that needs no introduction. The brand with its creative YouTube videos has already crossed 13.63 billion views on their channel. The brand shared tons of original content and that’s not all. LEGO regularly runs media campaigns and encourages their followers to share their content. 

2. Angry Birds

With more 4.44 million subscribers, this game has launched a huge empire on YouTube. First launched in 2009, Angry Birds has evolved and it has been played in every territory of the world. Similar to Lego, Angry Birds too uses a combination of original and creative content to engage with its subscribers. 

3. Nike: Margot vs Lily

With its aim to boost Nike Women business, the sportswear company created a series of short videos focusing on two sisters who go for an unusual bet. The video made use of clear Nike products and each of the top products were scattered strategically throughout the video. The best part about the series of videos is that it remained consistent throughout the series. 

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With this campaign, Nike could generate millions of views. 

Video marketing is growing, and YouTube has become a critical platform for marketers. You must add a YouTube marketing budget, use the right tools and get inspired by the top brands to set your own brand apart. 


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