JADBio announces Global Distribution Agreement with QIAGEN Digital Insights for advanced AI and ML analytics solution

Collaboration on sales and marketing
-Support and distribution by QIAGEN
-Agreement effective March 1, 2021

JADBio announced today having entered into a distribution agreement with QIAGEN, for the sale and distribution of the JADBio offering within the QIAGEN Digital Insights portfolio. JADBio is an AutoML platform with leading-edge AI tools and automation capabilities, built with the purpose of enabling life-science professionals to build and deploy accurate and interpretable predictive models – easily and timely, regardless of their data science expertise. JADBio expands the QIAGEN Digital Insights portfolio of products that includes QIAGEN IPA, QIAGEN OmicSoft, QIAGEN CLC, QCI Interpret, and QCI Precision Insights.

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Through this agreement, JADBio will broaden its global reach, leveraging QIAGEN’s industry-leading and global team of experts.

“We welcome this agreement as a crucial development in our quest to make JADBio available to all life science researchers and customers globally”, said Ioannis Tsamardinos, CEO of JADBio. “Our offering compliments QIAGEN’s Digital Insights well. We look forward to working closely with the commercial leader in the bioinformatics market to accelerate JADBio adoption. We are eager to pursue our vision of enabling every researcher to perform advanced analysis through AI and Machine learning, even if they have no data science knowledge or background.”

JADBio can accept client data or molecular profiles stored in QIAGEN OmicSoft and produce predictive and diagnostic models with minimal human effort and expertise. Depending on the input data, the models could identify disease, disease sub-type, predict response to therapy, time to death, relapse, or metastasis, and other outcomes of interest. JADBio sorts through hundreds of thousands of omics, multi-omics, clinical, and genetic markers to identify the ones that lead to optimal predictions when examined in combination. It removes not only irrelevant markers but also redundant ones, leading to cost-efficient measuring devices and narrowing down potential drug targets. Results can be fed back to QIAGEN IPA and other QIAGEN Digital Insight products for further interpretation.

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