Muvi Launches Konviare – The Notification Management Engine

Konviare, a notification management system, triggers and manages event-based notifications across multiple channels like SMS, Email, Whatsapp etc.

Muvi, the leading provider of cloud-based audio and video streaming services, has just launched its new product – Konviare – a notification management engine, to cater to the growing demand for creating and managing multi-channel notifications.

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With Konviare, website or app owners can now create, edit, update and manage all their notifications like new subscriptions, user signups, purchases, cancellations, support requests, contact us requests etc. without the need of having to go to a developer, all from a single UI.

So far Muvi has been impeccable with its variety of streaming and non-streaming products, and with the launch of its notification system Konviare, it adds a new feather to its cap.

“The requirement for a multi-channel notification management system is growing fast. And most of the companies prefer to have less-complicated notification management platforms. Konviare aims to meet these criteria while answering the challenges of editing or changing notifications as per the customer needs,” says Viraj Mehta, Head of Marketing, Muvi. “The exclusive features of Konviare, such as a single UI and very little need for technical knowledge are projected to provide fast and simple solutions for creating & managing notifications across diverse industries,” adds Mehta.
In addition to this, Konviare also offers other perks such as third party solutions, user management, content management, and analytics.

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