MergerWare Announces New Capabilities to Enable Businesses in Achieving Efficient Growth Through M&A Digitalization

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Latest features to help with better communication & collaboration, customer-centric innovation, and agile M&A deal execution

MergerWare, a world leading SaaS Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) enterprise platform, announced a breadth of new capabilities to help companies put customers at the centre of their M&A deal execution.

Over the years, M&A landscape has evolved, and more so after the COVID-19 crisis. Of all the changes, virtual M&A deal execution through M&A digital platforms has been one of the greatest shifts that companies have experienced. This implies that the M&A platforms need to be more digitally enabled and integrated than ever to handle virtual and hybrid management of M&A deal execution.

Since its inception, MergerWare has been agile and innovative. It has constantly been upgrading its platform to cater to the changing needs of its customers and to keep pace with futuristic AI-optimized M&A deal execution capabilities. Based on years of professional deal-making experience and learnings derived from working with varied customers, MergerWare has done some recent enhancements in the platform.

Customer-centric platform innovation

MergerWare is an integrated M&A management software that offers coverage and support for the entire M&A deal lifecycle. The platform enhancement capabilities include:

•Intelligent deal pipeline management

Successful dealmakers need to continuously identify and qualify prospects and filter through detailed information before zeroing in on the deal. At the same time, synergies and post-deal operational improvements must be identified, the benefits assessed and concrete plans formed to achieve them. MergerWare’s end-to-end deal pipeline management platform offers:

o Complete deal pipeline summary displayed in a comprehensive and customizable dashboard
o View of the deal statuses – active, completed, dismissed, on hold. This comes with news room integration so that executives can keep an eye on target deals
o Actionable view to review complete deal information and targets, add notes and action items

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•Post-acquisition performance monitoring and reporting

Deal professionals, especially M&A financial controllers, need a reporting process designed to easily measure important deal KPIs post deal closure. MergerWare’s platform helps in defining a set of post-acquisition performance indicators within the platform and freeze their values. On quarterly basis, the relevant stakeholders can enter the actual performance values and get a comparative report. This proves to be very helpful in monitoring actual deal performance after the deal is signed and closed.

•Seamless communication and collaboration between M&A teams

An M&A deal is a complex, multi-team project wherein the teams representing business functions need to regularly communicate, share documents, and update deal status securely. Structured and seamless communication plays a vital role in M&A deals by laying a foundation for the combined organization’s future success.

Inbuilt tools within the M&A platform enable efficient real-time communication between the teams in a secure manner, and reduce unnecessary email clutter.

MergerWare offers two of the most feature-rich and powerful communication tools – Slack and Microsoft Teams integrated with the platform by default. M&A teams can conduct the entire acquisition life cycle through the creation of several secure channels, exchange unlimited messages and documents, all in a relatively faster manner. This helps in increasing the overall productivity of the teams and contributes in achieving deal success.

•Highest standards of data security

MergerWare, through its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) supports a vast array of compliance programs and adheres to the highest security and data protection standards available.
One of our most recent achievements is getting ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. With our rapidly growing client base across the globe, it was necessary for us to establish our strong commitment to follow high standards of data security processes. Being ISO 27001:2013 certified is a proof to the world that we have a robust information security management system in place.

The road ahead – AI and ML optimized capabilities

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning together can transform the complete M&A process, by helping in the market and data sector attraction, company selection process, M&A integration, M&A due-diligence and business valuation, and in the formation of existing strategies. MergerWare is constantly working towards using AI and ML extensively to make the platform future-ready and highly efficient.

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