SiteFocus Launches Autonomous Learning Machines — A.I. in a Box

SiteFocus’ Turnkey AI System That Solves Enterprises’ Natural Language Needs

SiteFocus Inc. announced the availability of Autonomous Learning Machines (ALM) – an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-in-a-Box solution that enables machines to learn and understand by reading textual data across any domain without human assistance or supervision, boosting enterprise productivity.

ALM is a turnkey self-learning system that does not require tagging, pre-processing, dictionary, ontology, and knowledge of data science or computer science.

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ALM offers a web-based interface for multi-users. Business teams can get insights from any textual data with the ALM’s natural language analytics and reporting whether they are in Sales and Marketing, Investor Relations, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Public Relations & Communications or Human Resource.

Unlike prevailing machine learning and AI solutions that require huge infrastructure, large footprint, dedicated and specialized hardware, ALM uses a small footprint and low cost to deliver better results.

“In our search for a smaller footprint, we tested with solutions including embedded Linux and 64-bit single board computers. After considering power, speed and scaling attributes, we chose Intel’s NUC box as our ALM hardware platform. Our software for ALM fits well inside this small computer system and can easily be scaled up and out to meet the growing needs of enterprises,” said Sing Koo, CTO of SiteFocus Inc.

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The Autonomous Learning Machine is an affordable, secure, turnkey ‘AI-in-a-Box’ solution for on-premise intranet deployment. Unlike cloud-based solutions, ALM provides businesses an ease of mind knowing confidential documents are processed on-premise.

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, SiteFocus was formed in 2016. SiteFocus is pioneering Artificial Intelligence solutions based on symbolic logic to help organizations acquire and sustain a competitive advantage with textual data.

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