Ipsos Chooses Passage AI to Power Surveys at MRIA 2018 Annual Conference

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Passage AI to Record Attendee Responses Through Text and Alexa-Powered Voice Conversations

Ipsos, a leading market and public opinion research firm, has selected Passage AI as the partner to showcase how innovative solutions are making their way into research at the 2018 Marketing Research and Intelligence conference (MRIA) this week in Vancouver. Passage AI’s award-winning platform was selected due to its superior ability to process natural language through multiple channels including speech and text, resulting in data that’s user-friendly to collect and cost-efficient to process when analyzing attendee survey results.

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“At Ipsos, we make our changing world easier and faster to navigate and inspire clients to make smarter decisions. To this end, we try to identify technologies that are going to change the world very early on, said Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President Canada, Ipsos.

Michael added, “Artificial Intelligence is one such technology, and we are pleased to be partnering with Passage AI to bring AI-powered conversational interfaces to the world of surveys.”

Attendees at MRIA 2018 can demonstrate this technology by completing a survey through a voice or text-based experience offered at the Ipsos booth on the MRIA conference tradeshow floor. Informal feedback will be gathered conversationally through the survey, which is tailored to learn about the companies in attendance, their reasons for attending, the challenges the industry is facing, and each attendees level of satisfaction with the conference.

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Ravi N. Raj, CEO and co-founder of Passage AI, said, “Kudos to Ipsos for recognizing that surveys in the future will be powered by AI. Surveys are inherently conversational in nature, so they lend themselves to be built using a chatbot platform like ours.”

Ravi added, “We have seen a significant increase in participation when a survey is powered by a bot as opposed to filling out a form. The technology on display at MRIA this week is built using the same deep learning conversational AI techniques that power all of our customer solutions, from Udacity to Calgary Public Library to Kohl’s.”

Passage AI-powered surveys from Ipsos will be available to complete for all attendees at MRIA 2018 from 10-12 June. 

Currently, a 2018 TiE50 award winner, Passage AI enables businesses to harness the power of AI-enabled conversational interfaces to bring bottom-line benefits, to better utilize service agents saddled by mundane tasks, and to deliver exceptional customer experience.

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