MarketHive Enters the Race to Replace Facebook

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The Rise of the Entrepreneur and the Fall of Destructive Forces in Our Social Platforms Are Here Now. MarketHive Is Creating a “Universal Income” for Entrepreneurs

MarketHive, a “Market Network”, announced that it has officially entered the “Open Book Challenge” in which a group of angel investors is offering a significant investment fund to build an alternative to the Facebook system.

MarketHive’s Market Network (an advanced social network) is an alternative to Facebook as well as LinkedIn. MarketHive founders know privacy and collaboration are the keys to the future.

“MarketHive was built on the foundation of 20 years of proprietary technology and has been running live with 1000s of subscribers in beta for nearly 4 years,” said Thomas Prendergast, CEO, adding, “Our mission is to create a universal income for entrepreneurs, using our multiple platforms built for the entrepreneurial markets.”

Douglas Yates, CTO and co-founder, added, “When we became aware of the #deletefacebook campaign led by Elon Musk of Tesla, I knew MarketHive is the solution.”

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MarketHive is the leading Market Network in the industry. Market networks are the logical evolution of the aging social networks. Market Networks like MarketHive integrated SaaS and commerce platforms with the social network. MarketHive also adds additional revenue-producing systems to fund the Universal Income for entrepreneur’s aspects within the realm.

MarketHive is a Facebook-like system, that has integrated SaaS (Inbound Marketing Systems), a Facebook-similar social network, an Avatar-injected webinar system, a faucet-type rewards program with their own coin, a proprietary coin exchange and a commerce platform similar to freelancer. Running in BETA with 1000s of subscribers, MarketHive is about to launch its first Airdrop to introduce the Market Network to the world.

Angel investor Jason Calacanis will be making the investments and will syndicate these investments to at the founder’s discretion. Open Book Challenge is looking to fund seven purpose-driven teams that want to build a billion-user social network to replace Facebook — while protecting consumer privacy. OPC wants to invest in replacements that don’t manipulate people and that protect our democracy from bad actors looking to spread misinformation.

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