Tealium Leads Industry with New User Interface To Help Companies Power a Comprehensive Customer Data Strategy

The New User Interface in Tealium’s Universal Data Hub Empowers Companies with the Most Comprehensive and Flexible Approach to Customer Data Collection Across Every Touchpoint

Tealium, the leader in real-time customer data management solutions announced the release of an enhanced user experience and product User Interface (UI) for its Universal Data Hub (UDH). The UI will enable data, analytics, and marketing professionals to easily access Tealium’s four industry-leading products supporting web, server, mobile, in-store, call center, and other data sources, empowering organizations with the most comprehensive, secure and flexible approach to standardize, enrich, distribute, and activate customer data in real time.

By connecting teams and eliminating disparate data silos, organizations are able to build an all-encompassing and secure data supply chain for optimized omnichannel collection and distribution. Tealium’s Universal Data Hub (UDH) provides over 1,000 turnkey client-side and server-side integrations, connecting each distinct product – Tealium iQ (Tag Management), EventStream (API Hub), AudienceStream (Customer Data Platform), and DataAccess (Data Management). With a focus on ensuring data quality, protection and connecting customer identities, each product is designed to manage a different aspect of customer data to provide a one-stop-shop for cross-device data collection and activation.

The UI helps to overcome common challenges of data collection from a large number of data sources – particularly mobile – and helps to unlock a flexible data management solution with real-time monitoring of events, the ability to quickly build datasets, develop specifications, send code to developers for deployment in one-click, improve data quality, and detect errors in the moment.

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Tealium’s UDH products comprise of the following:

  • Tealium iQ Tag Management – used by developers, analysts, and marketers alike to help them manage data layers, client-side tracking, and tags
  • Tealium EventStream – API management across mobile, web, IOT, and any other connected customer touchpoint
  • Tealium AudienceStream – identity resolution, customer data platform, offline and omnichannel data ingestion
  • Tealium DataAccess – designed to enable organizations to consolidate data across every aspect of the customer journey and gain deeper insights via integrations with all major BI and data analytics solutions

“By empowering organizations to work together across the data supply chain, the new UI maximizes the potential of customer data,” said Mike Anderson, Founder and CTO, Tealium. “By bridging data silos and utilizing only the highest-quality insights, we help organizations create a 360-degree view of prospects and customers – for both B2C and B2B businesses. In turn, this prepares them to optimize their data and get ready to embrace the next wave of futuristic technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, voice internet, IOT, and Augmented Reality.”

“Tealium’s UDH enables organizations to take control of their customer data and build truly connected user experiences,” said AJ Dalal, VP, Data Science and Analytics at SapientRazorfish. “The new UI ensures that every part of the organization is working toward the same goal of building a complete view of the customer regardless of device or channel. Tealium’s vendor-neutral approach to connecting the digital ecosystem means that users can get the most out of the martech and data tools they use today.”

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