Nuxeo Named in 2018 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Asset Management

Nuxeo, the leading cloud-native Content Services Platform, announced that it was included in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Digital Asset Management. Nuxeo was one of 20 offerings included in the report.

In the Market Guide, Gartner notes that “marketers named content creation and management as their top two digital priorities for 2018 in a Gartner survey of marketing decision-makers conducted at the end of 2017.” The report further states “marketing leaders report allocating 7.4% of the marketing budget to content creation in 2017.” Gartner also notes “Between 2016 and 2017, Gartner saw a threefold increase in the number of inquiries about digital asset management from marketing leaders. The first quarter of 2018 showed continued momentum, with close to two times more inquiries in 1Q18 than in 1Q17.”

According to the Market Guide, “Digital asset management (DAM) includes capabilities for ingestion, storage, retrieval, collaboration and lifecycle management of rich-media assets, including text, graphics, images, videos and audio.”

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“We believe that our recognition in this Gartner DAM Market Guide reinforces what we’re seeing in the marketplace, which is that companies are looking for DAM solutions that adapt to the way they work, not the other way around,” said Eric Barroca, CEO, Nuxeo. “We’re continuing to expand our footprint in the digital asset management market because enterprises are looking for modern, flexible, and highly scalable solutions that improve collaboration and innovation while minimizing duplicative efforts.”

Nuxeo, developer of the leading, cloud-native Content Services Platform, is reinventing digital asset management (DAM) and enterprise content management (ECM). Nuxeo is fundamentally changing how people work with both data and content to realize new value from digital information. Its cloud-native platform has been deployed by large enterprises, mid-sized businesses and government agencies worldwide. Customers like Verizon, Electronic Arts, ABN Amro, and the Department of Defense have used Nuxeo’s technology to transform the way they do business. Founded in 2008, the company is based in New York with offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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