Dynamic Yield Introduces Automatic Personalization with Predictive Targeting

Continuously Self-Learning Algorithm Uncovers High-Value Personalization Opportunities

Dynamic Yield, the first personalization technology stack, announced the launch of its AI-driven solution for automated personalization: Predictive Targeting.

Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting runs in the background of every experience created with Dynamic Yield, analyzing the performance of each campaign in real time and identifying opportunities to serve more relevant content to select audience segments. Once Predictive Targeting uncovers personalization opportunities, marketers have the flexibility to take immediate action, deploying the opportunity predicted to drive the most uplift in revenue for each segment, with a single click.

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Predictive Targeting overcomes substantial limitations encountered with today’s technologies, which drive marketers to serve an A/B tests winning variation to all audience segments, often leading to lost revenue opportunities. With Predictive Targeting, each audience segment now enjoys its own winner, producing immediate uplifts with a single click.

Predictive Targeting does not require any setup or development. It is automatically ingrained in any campaign and test-launched through Dynamic Yield – across any channel or platform, including mobile apps, email and offsite advertising, leveraging all of your user data – surfacing recommendations at the moment they are identified.

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With Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting you receive:

  • Algorithms that constantly run for all of your campaigns and identify opportunities for revenue uplift
  • Real-time recommendations delivered through the platform and by email for the highest impact opportunities
  • One click deployment that offers full control and flexibility to deploy any recommendation
  • Winner declaration per audience segment vs. the winner takes all approach

Dynamic Yield’s Personalization Maturity Assessment found only 17% of companies claim to have personalization in place, citing “lack of resources” as the leading barrier (49% of respondents). This is largely due to a “winner takes all” approach in testing experiences or marketers’ overreliance on intuition due to an inability to quickly draw insights from customer data. Predictive targeting overcomes both barriers by allowing machines to deploy personalization at scale, ridding marketers of the manpower burden required to run tedious analysis by automatically crunching all of the data for them, and suggesting the optimal experience for each visitor.

Dynamic Yield Introduces Automatic Personalization with Predictive Targeting
Liad Agmon

“We live in a world with self-driving cars, AI doctors, and machines that can easily beat the world’s smartest people in Jeopardy and GO! Yet somehow, marketers are forced to do tedious analyses that should be done by machines. Most of our customers run hundreds of concurrent experiments targeted at hundreds of audience segments, meaning identifying the right experience for each segment requires immense amounts of analysis work. So, we built our customers an AI data analyst that works 24/7/365 to constantly optimize experiences for each user,” said Liad Agmon, CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Yield.

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Predictive Targeting helps marketers scale personalization, increase revenue, boost customer satisfaction and free marketing, merchandising and development teams to work on tasks that require human intellect.

While Dynamic Yield’s Personalization Maturity Assessment shows that personalization is still a nascent effort for many brands, A/B testing is a widespread practice among most online businesses. Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting provides such businesses with the convenient entry point into the world of personalization, bridging both worlds by automatically converting every A/B test into an effective personalization opportunity.

With Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting, marketers can maximize their campaign’s performance and drive considerable uplift, while saving time, resources and effort.

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