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How Can You Use Research to Enhance the User Experience?

As more Marketing strategies focus on delivering an enhanced user experience, research has become increasingly popular. 70% of CEOs see it as a competitive differentiator. Digital strategies can benefit drastically from user insights and, as a result, marketers are able to provide a solution that will work best for their specific target audience. By understanding user behaviors, attitudes and needs you can ensure the success of a digital campaign. With 53% of consumers today feeling that brands are failing to meet their…

Rockerbox Introduces Recency Marketing Platform to Activate Online Audiences

The Rockerbox Recency Marketing Platform Provides Insights, Attribution, and Activation Solutions Built on Recent User Behaviors Rockerbox has announced the launch of its Recency Marketing Platform. Rockerbox's latest announcement is an industry-first technology solution that enables companies to leverage recent user behaviors to improve their customer acquisition and marketing analytics. Rockerbox is the creator of the Recency Marketing Platform that enables advertisers and marketers to immediately identify and target…