Element Powers Digital Twin Building With AWS IoT TwinMaker Through Contextualized and Governed Metadata

Element Unify recognized as a foundational launch partner for AWS IoT TwinMaker

Element, a leading software provider in information technology and operational technology (IT/OT) data management for industrial companies, announced an integration between its Element Unify platform and the newly-announced Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT TwinMaker, a service that makes it faster and easier for developers to build highly contextualized 3D scenes and digital twin applications.

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“Successful digital twin implementations depend on being able to blend data from multiple sources, and data without context and governance is of limited value”

The integration significantly speeds up digital twin development and improves effectiveness through contextualized and governed metadata, resulting in more reliable and easier to maintain analytics. Most leading industrial organizations are adopting digital twins to improve their operations across a wide range of scenarios because of their ability to perform experiments and simulations on the twins, thereby reducing risk and gaining time.

“Successful digital twin implementations depend on being able to blend data from multiple sources, and data without context and governance is of limited value,” said Michael MacKenzie, General Manager, Industrial IoT and Edge, AWS IoT at AWS. “This is exactly the problem that the Unify platform solves for our customers so they can quickly realize the benefits of our AWS IoT TwinMaker and be able to adapt to changes in their physical environment.”

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Built with industrial organizations in mind, Element Unify uses automated, no-code data pipelines to integrate and contextualize IT/OT metadata, and then it stores relationships in Unify Graph.

“Digital twins are a powerful approach for industrials to put their operational data to use,“ said Joe Perino, Principal Analyst at LNS Research. “Being able to understand and model the relationships between different sources of data is indispensable for putting digital twins to use. Element’s approach of modeling using metadata in a graph-based construct is the ideal complement to AWS IoT TwinMaker’s capabilities for building and maintaining digital twins.”

“We see a lot of potential for AWS IoT TwinMaker to help customers realize the benefits of digital twins and are excited to be working with AWS as part of the team making adoption faster and more attractive for customers,” said Andy Bane, CEO at Element. “Unify shrinks digital twin development cycles, significantly speeding up time to value. It improves data quality through graph-based relationships and brings much needed governance to digital twins that rely on data from multiple legacy IT/OT systems blended together with data from new IoT sources.”

Element Unify is a foundational launch partner for AWS IoT TwinMaker and is available to AWS customers in AWS Marketplace.

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