PandaDoc Celebrates the New Year with Key Product Updates

Pandadoc Announces Major Product Updates, Including Enhanced CPQ and Mobile Features

PandaDoc announced key updates to its award-winning document management platform. Updates include Pricing table features that allow customers to lock content and provide optional items. Customers can also attach additional files to their quotes, proposals and contracts without adding them inside the body of their PandaDoc document automatically. In addition, PandaDoc has extended the functionality of its mobile app to include iPad and Android tablet usage.

PandaDoc Celebrates the New Year with Key Product Updates
Mikita Mikado

“We have significantly ramped up our development schedule for 2019, and we are planning a steady flow of product updates throughout the year. As our customer’s needs grow, our product will continue to evolve to meet those needs. Our customers are our number one priority,” stated PandaDoc CEO Mikita Mikado.

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The PandaDoc app offers features like eSignatures and data merge, along with data-driven feedback to build, edit, execute and track documents.

Product updates for this release include the following:

CPQ updates

PandaDoc allows customers to lock individual content blocks within a template or content library item from editing by a document creator. Based on feedback, PandaDoc has now taken this a step further by providing the same functionality within the pricing table. The most common use case for this is allowing users to edit the quantity column to prevent further discounting.

When this feature is enabled, a team member can change only the editable columns within the pricing table, and they can only add items from the catalog and remove rows if the selected column allows for edits.

Multiple choice pricing options

PandaDoc pricing tables are dynamic and offer our users a multitude of options, so they can put their best foot forward and provide their clients with options that are best fit for their business. In addition to making pricing optional, customers can now provide recipients with a multiple choice pricing option. This option allows recipients to choose pricing that is the perfect fit.

This feature is excellent for sales reps whose prospect hasn’t quite decided which pricing package they want. Now a rep can provide options so that the prospect can choose what is best suited for them.

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Attached files

A lot of PandaDoc customers needed to attach additional documents or file to their quotes, proposals and contracts, but didn’t want to add them inside the body of their PandaDoc document automatically. Now customers can add additional attachments to their documents. The attached files feature allows customers to add a file of any type (PDF, Word, etc.) to their documents. The file size can be a max of 50MBs, and up to 10 different files can be attached to one document.

Mobile app available for iPad/Android tablet

Last year, PandaDoc made extensive updates to the PandaDoc mobile app to improve the overall functionality for users who are on the go. Many of those customers wanted to be able to sign documents outside the office, on their iPad or Android tablet device. This ability is now built into the PandaDoc mobile app.

This feature is great for sales reps who are in the field and want to get documents signed fast. The tablet app also features the PandaDoc tracking functionality, so customers can continue to monitor their documents on their tablet in addition to their mobile phone and their desktop.

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