Wix Launches First of Its Kind Accessibility Tool to Help Make The Web Accessible for Everyone

Wix , a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage, and grow an online presence, announced the launch of the Accessibility Wizard, providing Wix users with a step-by-step interactive solution that detects accessibility content issues on their sites and guides the user to resolve them.

Over one billion people worldwide rely on web accessibility features to navigate the internet and access information. According to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), web accessibility means tools are designed so that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact on the web. However, many users and professionals aren’t aware of how to make their site accessible or the legal risks associated with an inaccessible site.

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Wix’s Accessibility Wizard is available to all Wix users globally, providing a simple step-by-step solution that instructs users on how to improve their sites’ accessibility. By activating the Accessibility Wizard, the users’ site is scanned and accessibility issues are detected. Based on those issues, the user is given guidelines and explanations on how to manually resolve each issue. In the final step, the site is rescanned to make sure the issues are resolved and if so, the sites’ accessibility is significantly improved.

“The web is meant to be a place for everyone, and we push our platform and products to serve this vision,” said Nir Horesh, Head of Accessibility at Wix. “As industry leaders in Accessibility, we’re proud to provide our users with a solution to help them make their websites accessible. Our dedicated Accessibility team is constantly working to advance accessibility features for our users and those who visit their sites. In developing the first-ever Accessibility Wizard, we hope to encourage our users to build sites that are more inclusive and that everyone can visit and enjoy.”

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Wix continuously monitors and updates accessibility features according to WCAG, the international guidelines for standardized web content accessibility. Users building sites on Wix are also advised to check local guidelines to ensure they are compliant within their country.

Wix provides tools and assistive settings for users to design accessible sites including accessible templates, full keyboard functionality, alternative texts, heading tags, site language and more. The Accessibility Wizard helps users detect and fix accessibility issues created while adding content and design to their sites and comes at no additional cost to Wix users.

Wix has received Best Accessibility Lighthouse score for mobile CMS two years in a row by Web Almanac.

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