MarTech Interview with Armen Adjemian, Co-Founder and CEO at DISQO

Marketers today have to be more dependent on online behavioural data to understand their customers better, Armen Adjemian, Co-Founder and CEO at DISQO shares a few key points on this growing importance in this chat:


Tell us a little about yourself Armen…we’d love to hear about your role and more about the DISQO platform?

As CEO and Co-Founder at DISQO, I work with our leadership team to define strategies and drive execution against our goals. We’re a young, fast-growing tech company who has built one of the largest first-party audience platforms in the U.S. Our members share opinions and behavioral data to help our clients make smart decisions that drive their growth. Our difference is putting people first and giving them choice and transparency in how their data is used by the marketing industry.

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Can you share a few highlights of DISQO’s latest partnership with Research Results?

Our companies share a deep commitment to quality. Together, we’re solving two problems research clients have: 1) access to a high-quality and representative first-party audience, and 2) talent and infrastructure to build and deploy studies. DISQO’s audience is massive and highly engaged. Think of our product as organic, ethically sourced, “farm-to-table,” data. Research Results offers best-in-class services to provide comprehensive, scalable and secure solutions for data collection, reporting and delivery. Our partnership offers a powerful, plug-and-play solution and superior results. 

How are you seeing the need for better and more improved consumer insights / consumer insights platforms change – given how rapidly today’s challenges and business dynamics are impacting consumer trends?  

Today, marketers and researchers are reliant on online behavioral data to understand consumers, hence terms like “big data” and euphemisms like “data is the new oil.” Now, there’s a rising tide of privacy regulations, increased consumer expectations for choice and transparency over how their data is used, and as a result of these forces… big changes in the usefulness of technologies like cookies and device IDs for online identity and measurement. We believe people should choose how they share data for market research and be able to get value back in return. This is not the panel-based approaches like we’ve seen in the past. This is something new built for today’s consumers and their digital lifestyles.

As businesses deal with changing work and consumer trends and also, changing dynamics due to the Covid-19 pandemic, what according to you are some of the key consumer experiences and insights that marketing and sales leaders should be looking at more?

Even though people have increasing expectations for control over how their data is collected and used, they still want brands to listen to them — and to communicate to them with relevance. Last year, we surveyed our audience and found that the overwhelming majority (90%) believed brands should listen to their opinion. And among the preferred channels for sharing their opinions, taking surveys was the top preferred method. We also find that under the right circumstances, consumers are willing to share their online behaviors — media they consume, ads they see, things they search for, online purchasing, etc. The key is to be transparent with consumers and make the exchange of knowledge valuable to them. 

As consumer privacy policies undergo change, impacting the way advertisers and marketers drive their strategies and outreach, what are some trends you feel will impact the future of this space when it comes to deriving the best actionable insights?

First-party data is going to become increasingly important as will the use of panel-based approaches to understand and measure the behaviors of consumers with similar characteristics aggregated into cohorts. 

Take us through some of your most successful management / marketing lessons before we wrap up?

Founding DISQO is my most successful venture so far, and I’m very proud of what we’ve built. We believed there was a better way to connect people with the brands that want to be in their lives. So, we bring them together in a rewarding exchange of knowledge and value. Our audience members have a great experience and are rewarded for expressing themselves. That fuels our clients in cultivating advanced insights that make them more competitive and helps drive their growth.

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DISQODISQO provides behavioral and opinion data empowering clients to discover what consumers do and how they think.

Armen Adjemian is Co-Founder and CEO at DISQO. He is responsible for setting company strategy and driving the execution of the company’s goals. Armen is passionate about transforming the market research industry by enabling insights and marketing professionals with the tools they need to make the best business decisions.

Armen started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he established his foundation in finance and accounting. He quickly realized that he was an entrepreneur at heart and spent the next ten years in various start-ups in the Los Angeles area. Armen is a two-time USC graduate, having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology as well as his Master’s degree in Accounting from the institution. 

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