With Expanded Relationship, Experian And InfoSum Help Marketers Implement Effective Campaigns In A Post-Third-Party Cookie Ecosystem

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The collaboration offers valuable audience insights and empowers marketers to deliver relevant messages in a privacy-compliant manner

Experian, the global information services company, and InfoSum, the leading platform for customer data collaboration, today announced an expanded relationship that will help marketers gain a more comprehensive view of their customers. Now, marketers can access Experian audience data on US consumers through InfoSum, and by leveraging InfoSum’s technology, enrich their customer data with Experian insights to build out a more informed understanding of their audiences and deliver relevant messages across channels, in a privacy-compliant manner.

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“As third-party cookies become unavailable, marketers are searching for alternatives to identify their customers across devices and learn more about their interests and behaviors,” said Genevieve Juillard, Experian’s President of Marketing Services and Data Quality. “Our continued collaboration with InfoSum creates another pathway for marketers to address a fragmented ecosystem, connect digital touchpoints together, access powerful insights, optimize marketing campaigns and deliver relevant messages across channels.”

Marketers can leverage InfoSum’s decentralized identity infrastructure to collaborate across first-party data sources, including to match their customer data against a media owner’s data to build highly customized audiences. Users will then be able to layer Experian data, such as demographic and lifestyle information, on top of their custom audiences to better understand their customers’ interests and behaviors, all without sharing the underlying data and preserving consumer privacy. Once audience segments have been built, marketers can access Experian’s activation capabilities and execute true omnichannel campaigns.

“The collaboration between Experian’s expansive data insights and InfoSum’s industry-leading identity infrastructure represents a new chapter for our customers,” said Lauren Wetzel, InfoSum’s President of North America, Global Strategy & Operations. “To truly unlock the limitless potential of their data, marketers need access to additional data insights that can augment their existing customer knowledge. With this enriched customer understanding, marketers are empowered to deliver better data-driven customer experiences. We’re excited to work with Experian to provide our customers with a solution that helps them deliver relevant messages at scale, while protecting consumer privacy.”

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