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TeamViewer Launches AI-Supported Predictive Maintenance Solution

The new module of the TeamViewer IoT software analyses big data and learns independently TeamViewer, a leading global provider of secure remote connectivity solutions, has expanded its IoT offering and now offers a way to use artificial intelligence in maintenance. Until now, TeamViewer customers in the IoT field have been able to read sensors, set alarms and connect directly to a wide range of devices. Now an intelligent extension in predictive maintenance is being added. This helps to reduce downtimes and save costs.…

Ineffective Data Management Dents Business Opportunities, Cuts into Revenue Options

Today, data is an expensive resource. Collecting, maintaining and leveraging data for various business operations is putting an unprecedented amount of pressure on existing IT infrastructure. Bad data management has proved costlier than earlier estimated to such an extent that it could result in a "crippled" organization. According to a recent report, global businesses lose $2 million annually due to various data management challenges. As global organizations are scrambling to raise their data management proficiency, most of…