Creative Realities|Reflect Announce Winter ’22 Release Featuring New Product Availability And Key CMS Software Enhancements

The combined company shares latest software and product updates following merger close

Reflect Systems, Inc., a leader in digital signage solutions and now a part of Creative Realities, Inc., announced Tuesday morning their Winter ’22 software release, featuring general availability of new products and a range of enhancements to help enterprise clients deploy world-class digital experiences.

Today’s release comes on the heels of closing the merger between Reflect and Creative Realities and just weeks after the companies celebrated their first joint account win.

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Highlighted below are a few of the enhancements included in the Winter ’22 update.

Zero Touch Production Release

Reflect Zero Touch – an innovative new approach to interactive experiences – was first introduced as a concept last summer, and the company is pleased to announce it is now available for production deployment. Zero Touch can turn any screen to an interactive digital signage experience via a scannable QR code that allows control of the screen. Users can navigate content, enter information and even shop from their personal mobile device.

For organizations wanting to provide more engaging, interactive experiences, but fighting costly touch screen installs or issues of keeping screens sanitized, Zero Touch provides a cost-effective and safe way to attract and immerse users. Zero Touch also allows brands to extend the digital experience to the user’s mobile device even after they leave the proximity of the big screen, providing greater marketing reach and engagement opportunities.

Mobile User Interface (UI) for Reflect Xperience

Launched in January of 2021, Reflect Xperience is a reimagined way to access and use ReflectView, the premiere platform for enterprise-class digital signage. Reflect Xperience allows brands to maintain centralized control of their digital sign content programs, while enabling individual users to easily and quickly schedule content specific to their location – easing the burden on content creation teams, improving the local appeal of content programs and ensuring consistency across locations.

Reflect Xperience’s new mobile UI makes scheduling quicker, easier and even more intuitive by allowing any authorized user to update and schedule content directly from their mobile device.

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Android Media Player Support

ReflectView has long been the leading digital signage solution for Windows and BrightSign media players, and the company has now extended its reach to support Android media players. In addition to the vast majority of customer applications using BrightSign and the range of specific applications for Windows media players, support for the Android player now allows clients to leverage the system-on-a-chip solutions offered by key manufacturers such as ELO and NEC.

Customers can now deploy any combination of these three hardware platforms using ReflectView – benefitting from the industry’s most feature-rich, scalable and flexible digital signage platform.

“This opportunity highlights an advantageous expansion of our work with key partners like BrightSign,” said Lee Summers, formerly CEO of Reflect and now member of the senior leadership team, serving as the new company’s President of Media and AdTech. “This new capability allows us to deploy BrightSign, or even Windows player solutions, into environments where customers have a legacy investment or need to support Android players as well. Without Android support, it is possible both Creative Realities and BrightSign would be blocked out of these opportunities.”

Enhanced API Support

The company continues to enhance its industry-leading network monitoring functionality with the addition of new device information APIs. These new API enhancements support calls to endpoints to regularly retrieve device health information, such as disconnected displays and a variety of media player communications data – including online/offline status, expired content and content playback errors.

This approach significantly reduces the amount of data needed to discern network status and identify endpoints that require attention. In addition, these APIs allow IT management to easily add information on the performance of their digital signage network to existing monitoring tools, such as Power BI, which further simplifies and optimizes network management.

“Reflect’s renowned ability to consistently bring new and innovative capabilities to enterprise digital signage customers is just one example of why merging our two companies made so much sense,” said Rick Mills, CEO of Creative Realities. “Combining Reflect’s world-class software capabilities and Creative Realities’ deployment and creative services allows us to deliver outstanding value to our shared customers for many years to come.”

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