Google Analytics to Add Lead-Generation Capabilities to Its Already Popular Platform

Fastbase to Power the Lead-Generation Software to Be Leveraged by Google Analytics Users to Access Potential Leads, Globally

Google has made several changes to its extremely successful and popular platform, ‘Google Analytics.’ The intention behind this innovation is solely to help the marketing community understand customers better. So far, Google has been successfully releasing critical updates in an attempt to bolster its software. This has allowed marketers to gain deep insights into customer behavior, in turn, helping them sell better.

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Google’s technological prowess is visible in its product development methodologies as it is now adding Machine Learning to its product catalog. The integration of Machine Learning with the Google Analytics Engine, in particular, serves the purpose of helping marketers understand and action data in an appropriate way that results in value. Machine Learning also kick starts the highly under-utilized Analytics-Intelligence Engine so that Sales & Marketing teams are in a position to leverage it.

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However, the biggest news that overshadows the aforementioned is that Google Analytics users will now be able to access Google InMarket Leads. Powered by Fastbase, Google’s InMarket leads has successfully captured the data and digital footprint of 130 million companies. Since Google’s Search Engine is the go-to place for users worldwide, Google has hands-on data about what products are being searched on its search engine. This arrangement acts as a capable alternative to Google Ads as the available lead data is almost real-time.

Google AdSense usually serves advertisements that will help generate leads for content site publishers. As opposed to that, InMarket Leads tells publishers what products are being searched over the internet. This helps design marketing campaigns and assist brands to improve their ROMI. The InMarket Leads tool has been launched in the beta version for now.

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