Salesforce Reveals Pardot’s New Features for Winter ’19

Pardot’s Popularity Has Been Soaring After Salesforce’s Acquisition in 2013. Salesforce Is Further Strengthening Their Go-To Marketing Automation Tool by Adding New Features to It. The New and Upgraded Pardot Will See the Light of the Day Sometime During Winter ’19

Pardot — originally a part of ExactTarget — was acquired when Salesforce purchased ExactTarget for $2.5 billion back in 2013. Back then, Pardot was in the nascent stages, but it was growing very quickly. Today, Pardot is one of the best Marketing Automation Tools that is capable of helping B2B marketing initiatives reach new heights. The winter of 2019 will see a stronger version of Pardot, Salesforce announced. Here is what marketers should expect from this release:

Pardot to Be Released in the Lightning Platform

Closing the gap between Sales and Marketing Teams has always been a pebble in the shoe for enterprises. These two teams are stronger together, but have to work in silos across disconnected platforms. So, Salesforce decided to do something about it and is releasing Pardot in the Lightning Platform. This is excellent news for Sales and Marketing because, finally, they will be working in unison.

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Salesforce spells out features for you:

One Login

Unified, singular login so that there are no separate users for Pardot and Salesforce.

Consistent Interface

Every user will work in the same interface across the entire platform.

Holistic View

Every marketing campaign across the enterprise can be viewed from one specific location.

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Salesforce Grooms the Engagement Studio

Salesforce’s new Engagement Studio will come with:

  1. Allowing prospects to enroll for programs more than once.
  2. Copying and pasting a maximum of 10 program steps directly from Engagement Studio’s Canvas.
  3. A date filter in the reporting tab to check program performance by date.

Another important feature that the release will see is a custom user role in the Engagement Studio. Basically what this feature does is allow a user to start, stop, and pause a program at will. This helps avoid bottlenecks, along with making the entire approval process smooth for internal customers.

Salesforce has produced a webinar for users to see all these enhancements for themselves.

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