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33Across Introduces AttentionX to Solve the Advertising “Attention Deficit”

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The First Open Advertising Exchange To Offer A Foundation Of Only Viewable Inventory While Pioneering New Attention Targeting Products And Impact Formats

33Across, the leading programmatic platform provider, announced the widespread availability of AttentionX, the first open exchange to deliver only viewable inventory and beyond, including new attention-focused ad buying offerings such as time-in-view-based bidding.

“It has become clear that human and viewable must be the foundation for programmatic buying,” 33Across CEO Eric Wheeler said. “We’ve launched the first open exchange that enables this at global scale, delivering consumer attention with products that allow buyers to far exceed current viewability standards and target and optimize around minimum time-in-view as well as other audience attention signals.”

AttentionX offers buyers a foundation of only viewable, quality inventory, by filtering non-viewable impressions prior to entering the auction. The Exchange is powered by direct integrations with more than 1,500 global publishers, which allows for real-time viewability detection.

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“Every buyer is struggling with the incremental costs and efforts to block 50 to 80 percent of biddable impressions from most exchanges that don’t meet quality standards,” Wheeler added. “We flipped the model and apply quality filters, in real-time, before the impressions make it into the marketplace.”

Beyond its core foundation of viewability, AttentionX offers two options for buyers to optimize beyond the industry’s one second viewability standard. The first is Impact Ads, which turn standard IAB formats into rich media-like experiences, delivering an average time-in-view of 25 seconds. The second is attention-based buying, which allow buyers to bid on specific audience attention signals; for example, a buyer can now bid based on minimum time-in-view increments of 5, 10, 15, and 30 or more seconds.

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AttentionX Delivers Quality and Quantity to its Customers

AttentionX allows advertisers and DSPs to bid in a viewable-only open exchange environment, which drives results at scale with greater efficiency. Buyers can also access 33Across’ proprietary high-impact ad formats and innovative new Attention-based bidding products.

“We’re always looking for direct access to high-quality inventory and innovative new ad products that give our clients a better chance at capturing consumer attention in a competitive market,” said Ari Paparo, CEO of Beeswax. “33Across AttentionX delivers brand-safe, highly viewable inventory at scale. As a launch partner, we’re excited to be one of the first platforms that can offer buyers access to this inventory globally.”

“The ability to cost-efficiently access highly viewable impressions at scale is critical for the success of our campaigns,” said Deborah Green, Supervisor, Audience Planning & Activation at Hearts & Science. “Through a multi-channel partner like 33Across, we’ve been able to exceed our viewability goals and look forward to what is in store with the AttentionX integration”

Wheeler added, “As we continue to scale AttentionX, we’re looking forward to working with leading advertisers and DSPs to deploy new formats, data, and optimization strategies that continue to push the needle for audience attention and maximize the impact of every programmatic dollar.”

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