Phrasee Declares War on Spreading Negativity Through Advertising

The Company Will Be Hand-Picking Their Clients as an Initiative to Curb Mental-Health Issues Arising Due to Bad Advertising – Launches a Starter Guide to Educate Marketers on Ethical Marketing

From its genesis, Phrasee has been a strong supporter in marketing methodologies that do not target the inadequacies of buyers. Phrasee develops a Marketing Platform and truly intends to deliver first-class positive content while designing advertisements for products. The company has always been of the opinion that advertisers sometimes go too far to sell products. Especially now, in the age of extremely high personalization, buyers receive a lot of content that creates negative emotions inside them.

Phrasee believes that it shouldn’t be this way. Researchers claim that individuals binge shop if they are reeling with negative emotions – especially guilt, fear, and anxiety. Nowadays, marketers will target a product towards a buyer who is surfing for a solution about a personal ailment he/she may have. The targeting is great but instead of showing the benefits of the product, advertisers are publishing content that propagates the impact of a personal problem on an individual’s personal and professional life.

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This is exactly what drives panic in consumers which Phrasee believes is not appropriate. With the current wave of Social Media behemoths educating their followers about the hazards of mental health due to overuse, Phrasee asks, “Why not question advertising also?” Advertising is making people enter a race which they cannot win. Its also making people buy products that they do not need. Ethical businesses and their subsequent operations should have the core value of designing products that are actually useful to society.

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If this doesn’t stop, there is no way that individuals can feel adequate about themselves and this subsequently snowballs into a mental health disaster. Phrasee urges the business community to not initiate emotional and mental damage for short-term gains. They have published an ethical marketing guide for starters which can be downloaded from here. The move has been hailed by the industry.

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