Snapchat Releases Retail Footprints

‘Retail Footprints’ Are a Series of Comprehensive Reports Detailing Online & Offline Consumer Shopping Behavior. Snapchat’s Research Intends to Benefit Digital Advertisers

‘Retail Footprints’ report details consumer shopping behavior exclusively in the big-box, luxury and apparel-store segment. Snapchat is marching forward to become a highly credible brand in the e-commerce space and wants to convince advertisers about their capabilities. This announcement comes after Snapchat’s e-commerce add-ons that the company launched earlier this year. Retail Footprints’ USP is the fact that Snapchat has extracted detailed consumer shopping behavior to a tee.

Snapchat stated that a big plus for advertisers is that Snapchat’s 100 million active users spend around 30 minutes a day on the Application. Brands can couple this fact with the report findings and sell better on Snapchat. Here is a list of facts that Snapchat discovered in all three segments. The study numbers are taken on an average between June 1 to July 31, 2018.

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Big-Box Stores

  • Consumers visit such stores twice a month and are eight percent likelier to visit during the middle of the month.
  • The largest volume of shopping happens on a Saturday.
  • 18-24-year-olds shop Monday through Friday whereas Friday to Sunday is usually occupied by shoppers aged 13-17.
  • Consumers enjoy burgers 2.9 times more, 1.9 times DIY lifestyle more and, lastly, are 1.6 times probable to be cord-cutters.

Amy Moussavi, global consumer insights lead at Snapchat said “brands today using foot-traffic insights are able to look at these data points for their brands in particular. So when you’re thinking of marketing to them, you [can] use creative that really resonates with them. Snapchatters are 20 percent more likely to make a purchase on their mobile device than a non-Snapchatter. This community is mobile first.”

Apparel Stores

  • Consumers visit apparel stores eight times in a single month and prefer shopping at the end of the month, especially on a Saturday.
  • 13-24-year-olds dominate visiting apparel stores.
  • They are 2.5 times likelier to visit amusement parks with 2.8 times more being coffee lovers and 2.6 times showing more affinity towards art & culture.

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Luxury Stores

  • Consumers visit apparel stores twice in one month and prefer shopping at the end of the month, especially on a Saturday.
  • 18-24-year-olds visit luxury stores the most
  • Consumers are 2.4 times likelier to be wine lovers with 2.2 times more being vegan or organic food enthusiasts and lastly 1.8 times more likely to be college league football fans.

“So if we know that luxury shoppers are known to be wine enthusiasts, you might place ads at a wine shop or at a vegan or organic store. It’s really about developing and understanding the affinities outside of your store.” Moussavi said.

Jesse Kay said, “just what [brands are] doing on Facebook, they should do an equivalent amount into Instagram and 20 percent of that into Snapchat. There are crazy numbers when brands start using Instagram and Snapchat—there’s money out there waiting for them.”

Snapchat’s relevance was validated by Kay, who is the host of 20 under 20s podcast. He is 18!

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