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Affinity Ups the Ante in Professional Social Networking by Launching the Alliances Solution

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Marketers Will Benefit from the ‘Alliances Solution’ as They Would Be Able to Do Much More with Social Networking Platforms. The Solution Directly Competes with Popular Players such as Linkedin

Affinity, an enterprise that specializes in building solutions around relationship intelligence announced the launch of their ‘Alliances’ Solution. This avant-garde software drastically expands the horizons of marketing professionals. Essentially, ‘Alliances’ will help marketers expand their network through real-time insights from top connections, helping them get introduced to prospective clients.

The top capabilities that Affinity has been leveraging to build this platform are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technologies help perfectly gauge a user’s relationship graph, subsequently identifying newer avenues for business introductions. This is a notch above platforms such as LinkedIn that only show suggestions for new connections and referrals — but not the professional relationship strength. Furthermore, Affinity has also opened another channel for its users to connect with contacts available externally, such as:

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  • Advisors
  • Partners
  • Investors
  • Mentors

Following are the salient features of Affinity’s ‘Alliances’ Software Solution:

Strength of the Professional Relationship

Alliances will identify contacts, from a user’s network, which will have a strong relationship with a prospective client or a company. This provides extreme ease of access to connect with newer businesses.

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Advance Look-up

Affinity provides an exceptionally streamlined search functionality in this platform. Contact relevancy while looking up for leads is simply bang-on! The results for relevancy are based on myriad but complex factors such as frequency and newness of correspondence via emails, etc.

More Options for ICP Uploads

Alliances will always provide suggestions of prospects to connect with, irrespective of the criteria that the ICP has been uploaded. This allows marketers to mix and match ICP to get more prospects on the same profile.

Importing of Prospect List

Alliances also allows for importing an existing prospect list and checking the right connections to make introductions.

Hence, basically, Affinity has made a solution that allows users to understand the strength of their network with a prospect for a warm introduction. The company has ingested vast amounts of data in their relationship platform to perfectly understand how well-connected people and companies are. This is a positive development for Sales and Marketing teams to grow their network organically.

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