VidOps Framework Connects Video Teams, Tools and Processes

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VidOps is an open and freely available framework to shift thinking and guide video organizations away from siloed and disconnected workflows

Zype, the video content management and distribution infrastructure company, introduces VidOps, a new industry framework for connecting teams, processes and technology across the entire video lifecycle. VidOps provides practical steps and guiding principles to remove functional silos, reduce technical complexity and promote collaboration s among cross-functional teams. It brings video development, distribution, management and monetization under one umbrella to better align resources, and meet business objectives.

The VidOps framework paper that provides practical steps to remove operational silos and improve video distribution and management performance is free and available for download at

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“The streaming video industry has made great strides on the technology front, yet many organizations are challenged to connect teams and functions to quickly meet customer demands and win in the market,” said Ed Laczynski, CEO and co-founder at Zype. “We created the VidOps framework to address workflow issues that organizations face daily, such as complex video infrastructures, fragmented data and  disconnected team members. VidOps aims to benefit the industry, and serve as a guide for delivering and gaining value from premium video content in a unified manner.”

“VidOps streamlines the entire video lifecycle. It fosters a culture of collaboration by unifying workflows and teams, thus bringing alignment in what today is a fragmented process, and significantly speeding time to market,” said Liliane Offredo-Zreik, principal analyst at ACG Research.

The VidOps framework provides an actionable practice guide to unify video developers, technical assets, business stakeholders and content operations into a single workflow. It empowers cross-functional business, creative and video operations teams to quickly deliver business value from premium content, through an integrated and collaborative approach.

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Key goals that VidOps aims to achieve include:

  • Tear down operational silos and help cross-functional teams define and work toward shared success responsibilities and goals.
  • Make data available and useful across all teams.
  • Support open systems and workflows that are connected and provide actionable data in real-time.
  • Speed time-to-market for premium video products and services.

A recent survey of video infrastructure buyers — including media and entertainment, e-commerce, subscription businesses, growth companies and enterprises — reveal how integrating business goals and video product initiatives is crucial to success, yet currently lacking in the industry. Complexity and disconnected workflows were cited by 67 percent of respondents as a cause of hindered performance, while 67 percent said it was “very important” to have business teams involved in video operations. Together, these issues lead to slower time-to-market, as almost 30 percent reported launch delays of six months, and 21 percent said delays exceeded 12 months.

Zype created the VidOps framework to address these common industry challenges. It based the VidOps framework on its experience and work with hundreds of customers and partners, with the intent of sharing its collective thinking through an open and collaborative industry-wide initiative.

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