BigID partners with the EDM Council on Industry Framework for Cloud Data Management

New framework for cloud data controls enables organizations to effectively manage their cloud environments

BigID, the leader in reimagining data management, partnered with the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council to establish the Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework (CDMC). The CDMC framework was developed over the last 18 months by EDM Council’s CDMC Workgroup, with participation from leading financial industry firms, consultancies and technology companies, including BigID, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft. It is chaired by Morgan Stanley and LSEG, with project management provided by Capco.The CDMC Framework is a comprehensive assessment and certification framework that focuses on cloud data management capabilities, standards and best practices for cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud implementations.

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This collaboration establishes a comprehensive set of standards to help organizations manage and protect their cloud data, migrate securely to the cloud, and incorporate automation and technology for better data management.

The CDMC Framework is a comprehensive framework that focuses on cloud data management capabilities

The CDMC Framework components focus on data governance & accountability, cataloguing and classification, data accessibility and usage, data protection and privacy, and data lifecycle and technical architecture.

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“We’re excited about this partnership with the EDC Council, alongside industry leaders from the CDMC Workgroup to help organizations more effectively manage their data in the Cloud,” said Christopher Glover, Field CTO at BigID. “This will help organizations not only accelerate their digital transformations, but proactively manage their data across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments – for privacy, security, and governance.”

“We’re extremely proud of the work our participating member firms and the CDMC Workgroup have done to develop the CDMC framework.” said Mike Meriton, Co-Founder and COO of EDM Council. “With greater emphasis being put on data privacy and protection around the world, the CDMC has been engineered to be used by all industries as an auditable and certified cloud data management framework and its introduction really marks a major pivot point in data management best practices.”

“The CDMC framework establishes a new set of data best practices for cloud data management. Since the release of DCAM, new technologies like machine learning accelerate the capabilities for companies to automatically catalog and classify their data,” said Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions at BigID. “It was wonderful to work with industry peers on the different components of data governance and best practices for the Cloud. A CDMC training badge will become the standard for all data practitioners.”

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