CONEX Exclusive: How Uberflip Sets New Benchmarks in Content Experience

A Great Content Experience Is About Creating the Right Conditions to Further Engage a Potential Buyer 

There’s a lot that simple, relevant content can do for your business. Especially, if it’s crafted with laser-focused precision to engage audiences who would then turn into customers. Uberflip’s marquee conference, CONEX unleashed the beast that all Content Marketing teams could hunt with. For those who are yet to comprehend the dramatic transformation of content strategies around experiences and AI-driven analytics, it’s time to follow Uberflip, a formidable force in our MarTech RADAR 2018. In their latest report, Uberflip revealed —

  • Putting content in more places results in 8x more views
  • Applying CTAs on top of content drives a 7x higher conversion rate
  •  Visitors are 60% more likely to consume AI-powered content recommendations

As an event partner to CONEX 2018, we decided to bring Uberflip’s savvy revelations to the fore. We spoke to the company’s President and CMO, Randy Frisch about the pillars of Content Experience and what the key takeaways from the event were.

The Key Pillars of Content Experience

Every piece of content that’s created and put out is an experience.

Whether any care has been given to optimizing that experience is another story. And that’s a shame because the experience is very important. In B2B marketing, the experience can make your prospects’ lives easier and send them on a path to make a buying decision, or it can fall flat and cause potential buyers to look elsewhere.

For us, a great content experience is about creating the right conditions for a potential buyer to engage further. These conditions are firmly in the marketer’s control. The three components of a great experience are the environment in which your content lives, how it’s structured, and how it compels the audience to engage.

Biggest Challenges to Delivering A Multi-Channel Content Experience

Content experience touches all aspects of marketing and content experiences can be delivered across multiple channels. Without an overarching owner, someone with a holistic view of the end-to-end experience for your customers, you run the risk of delivering an inconsistent, friction-filled experience that can be frustrating for the end-user and ultimately erodes trust and reduces potential revenue opportunities for your brand.

Getting your team aligned and rallying around the content experience takes a concerted effort and buy-in from leadership. It’s also challenging to create and deliver remarkable content experiences at scale.

That’s why we developed the Content Experience Framework to better equip marketers to deliver personalized content experiences they can be proud of and which can be done at scale.

What Makes Uberflip a Go-To Option for Content Experience

There’s a reason why Uberflip is the No. 1 content experience platform (CEP) trusted by hundreds of B2B marketers across the globe. And it’s because we, as marketers, live and breathe the content experience.

We’ve been building this category since our inception and everything we believe about creating great experiences has been baked into our platform. We’re also cross-functional, meaning we are designed to be used by your entire marketing team and have applications for inbound, demand generation, account-based marketing, and sales enablement. There’s truly nothing out there that can help you personalize content experiences at a scale, the way Uberflip can.

What is a Content Experience Report?

We recently launched the first-ever Content Experience Report. Our data scientist examined thousands of data points from 440 of our customers (B2B marketers in a wide range of industries) to determine the impact that focusing on the content experience can have on things like content engagement and conversions.

This is the proof, the validation that what we’ve been preaching, for years, is possible for marketers if they take the time to think about how their content is experienced.

Things like a 17% conversion rate and 8x the number of views when they put their content in more than one place. The data doesn’t lie. These are real results experienced by marketers using a Content Experience Platform (CEP).

Why Marketers Should Attend Conex

Conex: The Content Experience is not your typical marketing conference. The two-day event brings together 700+ marketers who work in digital, inbound, demand generation and understand the importance of content and experience to the buyer journey.

It’s big enough to feel like you’re part of a movement, but not so big that you get lost in a sea of sessions and countless people.

When we set out to create the event three years ago, we knew we wanted it to be fun, fast-paced, and really inspire marketers to think about content and the experience differently. And just like everything the marketing team at Uberflip touches, it’s personalized, immersive, entertaining, and educational. Oh and surely not to be missed.

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