10 Highly Valuable Keywords to Include in Every MarTech Blog

These Keywords for Any MarTech Blog Have Better Chances to Increase Website Traffic to Your Researched Articles, Interviews, Guest Authors, and Events

At MarTech Series, we churn out a significantly higher volume of content than other tech publications. In a high-octane industry as MarTech, making an impact on audiences is not an easy task, especially when we are dealing with readers that are already familiar with the latest trends in technology and people. The biggest challenge to building content is finding the right set of keywords that amplify search marketing opportunities. We identified more than 5000 martech-specific keywords through our analytics. We wanted to ensure that the keywords chime in with the audience across our content gallery that includes news updates, in-house articles, interviews, guest authors, and events.

Today, we are sharing the cream with you…

Here are top 10 keywords that any content marketing team should be using in a blog to maximize the chances of creating a buzz among your audience.


It needs no proof that GDPR has turned out to be a disruptor for all businesses. GDPR makes it to the top of our list solely on the basis of its high-value search quotient. Nearly 70% of the marketing and sales team refer to GDPR-related articles and news to make sure they are on top of their privacy standards.

Other related keywords that tag alongside GDPR are:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data consent
  • Data privacy
  • EU Data regulations
  • Data Protection
  • Identity Resolution
  • Chief Data Officer

Marketing Automation

6 out of 10 marketers search for Marketing Automation blogs every day. That’s enough sunlight for the day if you are in a highly productive team of content marketers. With the coming of age for cross-channel analytics, B2B buying insights, intent data, and inbound marketing tools, Marketing Automation is a worthy keyword term for your editorial calendar throughout the year.

Other related keywords that go with Marketing Automation articles are:

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is an evergreen topic for CMOs and CDOs. We find that as programmatic evolves into digital OOH, TV and audio streaming, content marketing teams should start inserting the term for greater traction from their published blogs.

Thanks to Cannes Lions and DMEXCO every year, most content marketing team manage to build enough muscle around programmatic advertising-related blogs.

Related keywords that go well with Programmatic Advertising are:

Video Marketing

Video catches everyone’s notice. Just like the parent tech platforms, video marketing in itself is a powerful keyword in any martech blog. It’s no fluke that video marketing articles are read more by CMOs and their marketing teams, compared to other topics. From listicles to CMO insights on video marketing, this keyword goes well with most martech topics, including ABM, programmatic advertising, email marketing and even, AI.

via HubSpot
via HubSpot

Related words that tag alongside video marketing are:

Email Marketing

Today, 80 percent of the companies use an email marketing automation tool which makes a relevant search term for any marketing team. That’s why you should focus on email marketing as a keyword in the blog.

How many times do you come across a topic, titled “How to run a successful email marketing campaign?” Chances are marketers are most likely to be drawn to the topic and click it for a one-time read. Two out of five marketers are likely to search, read and promote email marketing blogs in an hour if it comes from a verified publication house. Email marketing automation platforms, including Zoho, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Drip, InfusionSoft and a bunch of other martech vendors regularly publish and promote their blogs. Some inspiration there!

Influencer Marketing

Every martech blog has the potential to become an influencer-driven, influencer-related, or influencer-targeted content. The stakes are high when an influencer-related blog in Martech is published. It’s an influential piece of information that could generate interest among readers and B2B tech buyers.

Linqa State of Influencer Marketing Report 2018
Image Courtesy: Linqia State of Influencer Marketing Report 2018

39% of the marketing teams are seriously looking to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2018. Influencer marketing blogs are no longer the dark horse in the race to win the content marketing game in martech.

Voice Search/ AI/ Chatbots

AI is the center of this martech universe, at least for now in 2018. Information on chatbots, voice search devices, and assistants are both endearing and interesting topics for martech blogging and guest author posts. From understanding how to use Amazon Alexa for voice search engagement to using AI as a service in generating leads in retail stores, there is a significantly increased number of visitors on such blogs.

Mobile Marketing

When BrightEdge’s report on mobile versus desktop search results arrived, we were fascinated by the galloping horse, leashed by mobile marketing. It is fast, energetic and graceful— and almost certain to win the race, for CMOs in their business outcomes. As we dig deeper into mobile commerce and mobile-online marketing automation strategies, keyword favorability for Mobile Marketing is going to increase as mobile martech providers grow in size and revenue.

MarTech Landscape

Well, it’s growing too! And that’s why we have the MarTech RADAR 2018 in our content calendar that highlights the course martech vendors have covered in the recent months. The hiring of executives, events, leadership insights, new product launches, acquisitions and funding rounds – they all make ‘MarTech Landscape’ a fascinating keyword to work with.

If you are working on marketing-specific blogs for technology, don’t miss out following or including iconographs from MarTech Landscape or the MarTech RADAR in it.


Well, it doesn’t need any explanation. Salesforce could easily be the most sought-after keyword search term on Google for the martech audience. With so much happening in and around Salesforce, including the term is a boost in traffic for any martech blog.

There are many more keywords that have the potential to grow into another Top-10 chartbuster later this year. So, stay tuned as we bring you more from our analytics on content marketing strategies for martech.

The keywords listed here are based on in-house analytics and only meant to be used as a reference. The piece does not purport to endorse any company for SEO management.

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