Mindmatrix Launches MSP-IT Marketing and Sales Content Packages to Solve Content Challenges Faced by IT Industry Partners

The Content Packages, Available Exclusively to Mindmatrix Platform Users, Helps Them Effectively Overcome Their Key Marketing Challenge–Content Creation

Pittsburgh-based, leading MSP-IT marketing and sales enablement services provider, Mindmatrix announced that it was launching a new service line–Mindmatrix content packages to help its core customer group, the MSP/IT industry partners, effectively meet their marketing and sales content needs. This new service line is in addition to the content already provided as a part of the existing and popular MSP Advantage Program.

Each of these content packages target very specific MSP-IT customer profiles making for tailored, engaging MSP-IT marketing and sales content. Priced between $50-100 a month, the content packages offer 100 whitepapers, 120 emails, 25 postcards, 15 landing pages, 12 brochures, 2000 social media posts and 150 blog posts. The content spans a range of diverse topics that are of relevance across multiple industry verticals and is also updated every month to ensure it stays fresh. The buyers have the complete authority to edit the content they purchase and use it as they wish.

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The Mindmatrix MSP marketing and sales content packages offering is in line with Mindmatrix’s philosophy that the MSPs are too busy working in their business to work on it and that they are almost always short on time, resources and expertise, when it comes to marketing and sales. Mindmatrix’s MSP-IT Advantage Program is based on these very principles and offers the complete MSP marketing and sales solution that includes-Sales & Marketing Enablement Platform, ready-to-use, branded content, business consulting and sales coaching, PSA/CRM Integration and MSP marketing and sales support and concierge services.

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Speaking about the newly launched service line, Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, said, “Many MSPs-IT partners find that despite investing in a marketing automation tool or a sales enablement software, there is a gap and they are not getting the intended results. Automation alone cannot help MSPs succeed. They work only if you feed them with relevant, engaging content consistently to disseminate to leads. The Mindmatrix MSP marketing and sales content packages fills this gap by providing MSPs with ready-to-use, tailored, industry-specific content that they can use to build their brand, generate leads and grow their business in the process. Mindmatrix content packages fit in well with both MSP/IT partners who don’t have a marketing person and with those that do. Even in the case of those with a full-time or part-time marketing staff, it is always easier to modify existing content than creating something right from the scratch. This approach saves time and costs.”

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