OneTrust Unveils New Capabilities to Discover, Secure, and Responsibly Use Data

Empowering organizations to govern data and AI without slowing down innovation

At TrustWeek 2024, OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, announced new platform capabilities and enhancements to help organizations discover, secure, and responsibly use data. Available as part of the Company’s latest release, these innovations empower organizations to activate data responsibly, surface and mitigate risk, and navigate the complex regulatory environment.

“We are at an inflection point where managing your data responsibly has never been more complex or more mission-critical,” said Blake Brannon, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “To grow and thrive in this data-centric era, organizations need a foundation to discover, secure, and responsibly use data – across the entire enterprise, throughout the entire data lifecycle, and with context from all risk angles. The breakthrough innovations we’re unveiling at TrustWeek enable our customers to innovate at the speed needed in this era of AI and data consumption, all while improving compliance and mitigating risks.”

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Activate data responsibly and govern the use of AI without slowing down innovation. Gain data visibility and enforce policies and controls, while simplifying responsible first-party data capture.

  • OneTrust Data Discovery makes it easier than ever to uncover potential security and compliance issues, automatically apply the right policies, and reduce data risk. An enhanced Data Classification Engine simplifies configuration and customization for structured and unstructured data, offering more than 300 out-of-the box classifiers for improved accuracy. AWS Automated Deployment simplifies provisioning and management of Data Discovery on AWS infrastructure, reducing deployment time by more than 50%.
  • An enhanced Data Policy Engine helps strengthen data security and compliance posture. Rules-based data policies automatically flag violations based on data discovery scans, giving visibility into data risk that should be remediated. Duplicate File Detection automatically identifies duplicate data to reduce redundant data and decrease the attack surface, improve security posture, and potentially minimize cloud storage costs.
  • Advancements to OneTrust AI Governance help govern the use of AI without slowing down innovation. A new AI Inventory Graph and Enhanced Data Graph visualize the components of the AI systems in use so users can understand dependencies. Enhanced AI Governance Automation Rules enables users to tailor workflow rules to their specific requirements without developer help. AI Regulatory Research now offers an in-app dashboard to provide real-time updates on AI regulations and laws.
  • OneTrust Cookie Consent is bolstered by an enhanced Website Scanning Engine to surface all trackers on a website, mitigate the risk of non-compliance, and reduce customer scan times. AI-assisted Cookie Identification and Categorization significantly decreases the number of unidentified cookies per scan to minimize manual categorization.

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Surface and mitigate risk across your data, third parties, or compliance requirements. Streamline risk management across the enterprise, identify and reduce compliance-related risk, and scale your third-party management program.

  • OneTrust IT & Security Risk Management now offers Dynamic Risk Workflows to reduce time spent manually reviewing risk from one workflow stage to the next, enforcing better data hygiene.
  • Third-Party Risk Management allows users to streamline vendor evaluations and AI Governance with Third-Party AI Usage Tracking. Teams can ensure effective risk management and secure vendor AI integration. Initiate AI risk management workflows directly from within vendor assessments and sync information across inventories.
  • Third-Party Due Diligence now makes it easier to keep your third-party ecosystem in check. When a third party no longer needs oversight, Termination of Monitoring stops the daily monitoring of third parties and linked entities on a case-by-case basis or by using workflow rules.
  • OneTrust Compliance Automation tackles the challenges of a sprawling regulatory landscape by empowering companies to centrally manage and automate compliance initiatives across regulations, standards, and frameworks. Now, users can connect to external systems, automatically collect evidence, and map it to controls with Automated Evidence Collection. Enterprise and Inventory-specific Controls help eliminate redundant control records and drive consistency of controls operating across different parts of the business. Control Objectives make outcomes more manageable, allowing teams to define and categorize controls by a common desired outcome and analyze controls more efficiently with aggregated insights.
  • Ethics Program Management now offers Data Redaction for Disclosures to redact personal data from disclosure forms, providing an additional layer of privacy and security to the disclosure process and protecting data in case of a leak or breach.

Work smarter, together to navigate the complex regulatory environment. Empower your team with AI and regulatory intelligence to simplify compliance and free up resources.

  • The largest regulatory research platform in the world, OneTrust DataGuidance, is now redesigned to make it easier to use, faster to navigate, and ready to deliver smarter insights. AI-powered navigation with a new built-in OneTrust Copilot makes it easier than ever to get the regulatory answers you need. Plus, users have regulatory content tailored to their profile.
  • Automated Sandbox Creation enables users to optimize configurations and reduce the risk of issues by creating and maintaining their own sandbox tenants that can be tested independently of the production environment.

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