Wooask Launches New AI Gadget at INDIEGOGO, Wooask W06 AI Translator

A smart gadget that translates speech & image in dozens of languages

Wooask Tech. Co., Ltd. , an A.I. voice/speech translation solutions provider & A.I. translator hardware manufacturer, is launching a Voice/Speech & Image A.I. Translator W06 on the well-known crowdfunding platform INDIEGOGO.

Artificial intelligence has matured due to big data & machine learning development. Neural Network Algorithm and Natural Language Understanding Process boost new applications such as speech translation development.

As a leading artificial intelligence in speech translation solutions enterprise in China, Wooask spares no effort to find the revolution point of A.I. solutions to eliminate language barriers globally. Research shows that user experience of most translator gadgets on current market are inconvenient. The other problem is not being able to support OCR translation. OCR Translation is optical recognition technology that reads text which appears in images. With OCR translation, it will be able to give translation of text-in-image snapshot.

In order for improve user experience, Wooask has developed a down-to-earth A.I. translator product – Wooask W06. An individual device that is easy to use. After being connected to a network, Wi-Fi or 4G mobile, users can hold the A/B key and speak. Then, the speech will be translated instantly. Wooask W06 supports 124 languages and accents, speech translation, and 24 language image translation. Translation results will be kept and displayed clearly on the screen. Other useful functions are available on Wooask W06, such as World Time Clocks, Real-time Currency Exchange Rates, Real-time Weather and Forecast and Calculator. Wooask W06 aims to help people who travel abroad with foreign language barriers.

Wooask W06 on INDIEGOGO has now launched. Early bird offers are 66% off discount @$99 for a limited time period (MSRP $299). Wooask W06 is now in mass production. Early bird backers can have their Wooask W06 shipped right away.

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