UNIFY Launches Chatbot for Customer Service Solution

Cloud-Based Chat Software Solution Helps Businesses Reduce Cost of Contact Centers While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

UNIFY a greater-Seattle based company, announced immediate availability of the UNIFY Chatbot for Customer Service Solution. The Cloud-based solution will allow businesses to be available 24/7 to customers in a responsive manner via a chat interface using bot technology developed by UNIFY.

“UNIFY Chatbots will allow customers to scale up and scale down for their peak season without having to add a significant number of customer service representatives. Our Chatbots will be able to resolve a percentage of the inquires on their own and take them fully to completion. In addition, the Unify Chatbot will also front-end inquires that they can’t resolve thus significantly reducing the time per inquiry for live agents. We expect to see about a 40-50% reduction in the time that customer service agents will need to spend on chat conversations.” said Sandeep Walia, Chief Executive Officer at UNIFY. Positive Customer Impact and Integration to CRM Businesses will be able to significantly improve customer satisfaction and be able to communicate with customers on a channel that customers prefer. Research shows that over 60 percent of Generation X and Y prefer to chat versus emailing or calling a business.

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In addition, businesses will be able to lower their customer service cost by deploying the UNIFY Chatbot for Customer Service solution as it will be the first contact mechanism for customers. UNIFY Chatbot is available via multiple channels including on corporate websites and social medial channels such as Facebook Messenger offerings businesses a very friendly way for customers to get in touch with them. The Unify Chatbot for Customer Solution provides APIs to integrate with the leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, ZenDesk and Oracle’s CRM cloud.

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Intelligent Chatbot

The UNIFY Chatbot solution is available in English language across the world. The solution uses machine learning and language understanding coupled with intelligent services to have human-like conversations with customers. “UNIFY Chatbot come with industry accelerators for Airlines, Insurers, FintTech, Hospitality and Retailers. This means that a company in these industries can get a high quality chatbot with much lesser effort and time invested in training the bot. We believe this is very valuable as the quality of the bot is extremely critical for customers to feel comfortable in chatting with a bot” said Pankaj Kumar, CTO of UNIFY.

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