Unstoppable Domains Reaches Nearly 150 Integrations, 90+ integrating for its New Single Sign-On Product

Projects spanning DApps, wallets, exchanges, and marketplaces now support NFT usernames for digital identity on Web3

Unstoppable Domains, the leading platform for user-controlled digital identity on Web3 with 2 million registered domains, announced that almost 150 projects have now added support for its NFT domain names. This includes 90+ DApps that have added support for its latest product, Login with Unstoppable, the first layer of Digital Identity.

Launched in January 2022, Login with Unstoppable is the first single-sign on service for Ethereum and Polygon, providing a foundation for digital identity in the Web3 era. The latest projects integrating Login with Unstoppable include blockchain scoring app ethrank.io, DeFi swap app Saddle Finance, DeFi trading platform WSBDapp and multi-chain asset management platform Spherium Finance. Login with Unstoppable allows people to share data, such as email addresses, NFTs, and off-chain information, with applications they use, all using an Unstoppable domain.

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“Over 90 projects are integrating Login with Unstoppable to improve Web3’s UX and help end users better own and manage their identity, and over time this will grow to thousands of apps,” said Sandy Carter, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “This early traction shows what a game-changer that easy onboarding solutions for Web3 can be. We’ll continue to introduce new tools that make DApp development and Web3 adoption user-friendly for the masses.”

For companies, Login with Unstoppable is the first free solution to allow users to login using an NFT, instead of connecting a wallet. With minimal resources, companies can accelerate onboarding by having users bring their digital identities with them when they log in. For users, Login with Unstoppable addresses the username and password issues that have plagued Web2 by allowing people to select one unique username in the form of an NFT domain, such as “yourname.crypto.” Unlike traditional emails and logins, NFT domains are 100% user owned, and data sharing is fully permissioned.

“As we developed WSBDapp, we wanted to find a way to make the onboarding experience seamless for users. Login with Unstoppable provides this by allowing users to sign in with one NFT instead of a wallet across a variety of apps and services,” said Jaime Rogozinski at WSBDapp. “We recommend Login with Unstoppable to any DApp developer out there who wants a free, low-resource way to accelerate growth with user-controlled identity.”

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Partners add tremendous value through their integrations, making domains even more functional. These partnerships are pivotal for Unstoppable Domains and a crucial part of the company’s long-term strategy. Integrating Login is made easy for partners, and adds value to their customers by driving a better customer experience, drives increased value to the user, and helps partners generate new streams of revenue.

“Adding Login with Unstoppable via Web3Modal instantly increased our conversion rate. The Unstoppable Team is always a pleasure to work with. The Unstoppable Team is top-rank,” said Dylan Butler, CEO EthRank.

“Adding Unstoppable Domains to our Owners DApp has added a unique method for our community to easily login with their domain names. There is no doubt that seeing a .nft domain name while being connected to our DApp is a better user experience than seeing a hex address,” said Jeremy Jenson, co-founder of Deadheads.

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