Park Group Expands Its Multi-channel Marketing and Analytics Capabilities With the BlueVenn Marketing Hub

Park Group Will Use the Advanced Analytics and Marketing Automation Capabilities of BlueVenn for Targeted, Multi-Channel Marketing

Park Group plc, the UK’s leading multi-retailer redemption product provider to corporate and consumer markets, has selected the BlueVenn Marketing Hub to enhance its multi-channel marketing and real-time personalisation capabilities.

The investment in BlueVenn technology will empower the marketing team at Park Group to provide a personalised customer experience across channels and devices by integrating their email, mobile, direct mail and SMS marketing channels. Using its marketing automation and analytics capabilities BlueVenn will centralise Park’s marketing campaigns into one platform and will automate the delivery of targeted customer journeys.

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Speaking about the partnership, Steve Klin, BlueVenn CEO said: “Park Group is an innovative brand supporting the UKand Ireland retail industries and is a truly multi-channel business. I’m therefore delighted that Park Group has selected BlueVenn to provide their multi-channel marketing technology and that we can support the marketing team with their vision.”

Nicola Milford, Commercial Manager at Park Group, added: “We are constantly seeking ways to help improve our customer experiences and that means embracing new channels of communication and delivering more relevant, personalised and timely messages. The BlueVenn solution will help us to streamline our processes, drive better efficiencies and help us add more value.”

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Steve Miller, Chief Information Officer at Park Group, further added: “By putting the voice of the customer at the heart of what we do our partnership with Blue Venn is a significant step towards delivering our recently announced strategic focus on clarity, experience, productivity and appeal.  This is a step change in our marketing and communications capability and will help drive our digitally enabled product and customer future.”

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