SafeGraph Launches Global POI Dataset, Becoming the Worldwide Leader in Places Data

SafeGraph’s newest dataset provides accurate, precise, and up-to-date data on millions of global points of interest.

SafeGraph – a global data company that specializes in providing high quality data on places – announced a launch of their Global Brands dataset that includes point of interest (POI) data on any brand around the world. Customers of SafeGraph use Global Brands data to track retail location open/close trends, understand global market footprints, and more. A free sample of Global Brands data can be found at

During a year of intense growth, including a $45M Series B fundraise, SafeGraph has focused heavily on expanding coverage of both rows and columns in its datasets. The launch of Global Brands represents a commitment to being the source of truth for places around the world, as well as delivering detailed attributes about each of those physical locations to enhance analytics across industries. Data scientists have already been leveraging SafeGraph’s high quality POI data for the US, UK, and Canada, but have long been asking for global coverage. Now SafeGraph data users can rely on one dataset to compare global markets and power models.

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“We are thrilled to launch the Global Brands dataset and bring these highly sought-after POIs to the market. Data scientists from large corporations, small organizations, and academic institutions alike have been asking for a truly global POI dataset, and we’re committed to continuously increasing our coverage to help power their analytics.” said SafeGraph’s Head of Product Marketing, Stu Kendall. SafeGraph is partnering with analytics software provider AtScale to host a launch event to dive deeper into the data, explore use cases, and answer questions on October 20th. You can sign up here.

SafeGraph Global Brands POI data includes:

  • Coverage of 522 brands in 193 countries (and counting)
  • POI data that includes location name, address, lat/long, brand affiliation, category classification, open/close info, and more

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