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Abhishek Talreja

8 Truly Innovative Strategies to Generate Leads from Your Business Website

A website creates those first few precious impressions on potential customers. It’s at the heart of any digital marketing activity and a key touch-point for a business to start a conversation with its audience. Many marketers struggle to get leads from this essential online marketing channel. In a dynamic business environment, it’s critical to work on implementing the latest lead generation tools and strategies on your business website. Wondering how it all works? Here are some unique and productive ways to turn your…

6 AI Tools to Scale Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

Amidst a competitive Content Marketing landscape, most marketers find it hard to get real results. The biggest challenge is to manage both quality and scale. In 2018, 47% of B2C, and 54% of B2B content marketers reported that the metrics they're tracking are often not well-aligned with their overall goals. Why should you be a part of the struggling herd? Artificial Intelligence can help you pace up and stay on top of your game. Here are some AI tools that can play a game-changing role for content marketers looking to…