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Splash Worldwide and APR’s Original Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) Research Comes to America

New Insights from U.S. Marketing Leaders Further Amplify DCO's Vital Importance Building on its groundbreaking qualitative studies in Europe with new insights from leading U.S.-based marketing leaders, creative technology company Splash Worldwide recently brought its original Thinkfast event series to its New York headquarters, in partnership with Advertising Production Resources (APR) and CoLab Media Consulting. Through their collaborative efforts, the study's commissioners continue to explore the mission-critical…

APR’s Annual Advertising Production Trends Highlight The Need To Have A Content Production Strategy

The Onslaught of Content Produced Will Require an Entrepreneurial Approach for Marketers Advertising Production Resources has released its 18th annual advertising production trends. These trends are an amalgamation of APR insights and observations from around the world from their management of over $1 billion in annual marketing production spend by global brands. The trends reveal what APR has discovered from working with over 60 companies across many different industries and helps to provide insights for how to produce…