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Aginity Launches Unique SQL Analytic Management Experience for IBM Db2

IBM Db2 Customers Can Now Discover, Manage and Share SQL in a Collaborative Environment Using Aginity Pro and Aginity Team Aginity, the only active analytics catalog company, announced Aginity Pro and Aginity Team now support IBM Db2, a family of data management products that helps you more effectively manage structured and unstructured data in on-premises and cloud environments. As the leading enterprise in analytic management, Aginity builds next-generation solutions that empower data analysts, data engineers, and…

Aginity Set to Unveil the Next-Gen SQL Analysis Tool Late Spring 2019

Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers Gain Greater Efficiency with the Ability to Easily Reuse SQL Rather Than Recode It Aginity Inc., the active analytics catalog company, announces the launch of the next-generation SQL analysis product, Aginity Pro, designed for data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers—in beta now and generally available in late spring 2019. As a personal SQL analysis tool, Aginity Pro allows users to create, discover, and manage analytics. Data scientists, data analysts, and…