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Averna Releases New Smart Data Management Solution

Proligent QuickView is now Available for Every Test Manufacturing Setup Averna, the leading global Test & Quality Solutions provider, announced they have released new smart data analytics software, Proligent QuickView. QuickView is an abridged adaptation of Averna's original test data management tool, award-winning Proligent Analytics. Proligent QuickView offers customers easy access to product and asset performance. Through a clean and easy-to-read dashboard, users quickly receive valuable KPI information…

Averna Releases New Smart Data Management Software

Averna Deploy Test Package Manager Is Now Available Averna announced they have developed a new off-the-shelf test package manager software solution with the release of Averna Deploy, the latest in their smart data management suite. Deploy ensures all manufacturing activities remain accurate and reliable with the most up to date software versions installed on systems throughout smart facilities. With this off-the-shelf tool, all updated software revisions are automatically deployed to every test…