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The Data Science Fundamentals Every Marketer Needs to Know

Data science is undeniably hot right now across industries, including marketing. But it’s hardly a fad. Rather, today’s growing incorporation of data science and scientists into the marketing organization is just the beginning of the next evolution of business. The benefits that data science can deliver to marketers are tremendous, but to realize the full impact, we need to begin bridging certain gaps in understanding. When we think about applying data science to marketing technology, we’re really talking about an…

Data Science Firm Civis Analytics Extends Partnership with comScore

Civis Analytics Will Continue to Use ComScore Viewership Data to Help Its Clients Improve TV Ad Modeling and Targeting Capabilities comScore announced data science firm Civis Analytics will extend its licensing of comScore viewership data. Civis uses this data to create custom audiences, which go beyond traditional age and gender demographics, to offer its commercial, political and non-profit clients greater targeting capabilities for their TV advertising campaigns. comScore viewership data also grants…