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MarTech Interview with Neha Sampat, CEO at Contentstack

"CMS products should be architected to take advantage of any and all AI as they become useful and emerge as best-in-class for a particular domain." What inspired your journey into technology? One of my life mantras is to “never be boring.” This is why I believe I didn’t find tech; tech found me. At university, I majored in French and Mass Communications. Outside of being a math and data nerd for most of my life, I didn’t really have any exposure to STEM and what STEM meant for me. I started my career in Public…

MarTech Interview with Matthew Baier, CMO and COO at Contentstack

"Nearly every aspect of Marketing represents an opportunity for AI to add insights for better decision making and automation for faster results and more efficiency. " Could you tell us about your role and journey into Technology? I am COO and CMO of Contentstack, where I oversee Marketing, Product Management, and Operational functions such as legal. I am an astrophysicist by trade and have been working in tech for most of my career. I’ve always been drawn to understanding and dissecting big ideas, questions and…