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A Sales Funnel And Why Your Business Needs It

That sales funnel of yours may be one among the key roots of your brand-new internet marketing policy for this age. Returning its fundamentals won’t only provide you with the best tool yet will additionally be in a position to preserve you valuable resources, that in turn, you may attach to your property to grow your online business. When you utilize the sales-funnel approach, you will be in a good position to appreciate distinguished sales conversion. What Is a Sales Funnel? Sales-Funnel Marketing is an approach in…

The Present Demand and Future Need for Transcription

Most of us don’t think about transcription. Those that have known about it think of it as someone dictating to a tape for later transcription. And many of us think that it has become obsolete with advances in technology. However, transcription is simply the process of converting speech to text, no matter what tools are used. In fact, transcription remains popular, though this may seem counter-intuitive in a world heavily reliant on audio and video. Transcription and Adding Value to Audio and Video Content A world laden…