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Best Practices for Maintaining an Effective Customer Reference System

In my previous article in this series on building customer references for technology marketing, I described some of the most effective ways to ask your customers to be a part of your program – distinguishing the all too typical “can you do me a favor” request from requests that demonstrate the advantages for the customer to participate in your program. In this post, I’ll outline some systems and software that allow you to track the progress of your program and ensure your company delivers a united front. Once you have…

How to Identify Your Best Customer Reference – It May Not Be Who You Think

In my previous article in this series on customer references in technology marketing, I examined the various stages of customer advocacy that can help you determine the activity that is the best fit for that particular customer champion. In this post, I’ll take a look at methods that can help you identify your best customer reference. We’ve all been there – pressed for a customer reference for a sales opportunity, or marketing or PR initiative – and people begin shouting out company names. Usually the suggestions…