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Commit Your Company to CX Improvements in 2018

Among 2017’s many lessons, one of the biggest is that customer-centric business models are here to stay, but only when they deliver real value. Over the last year, brands have continued to recognize the insufficiency of business-first mindsets and operations. Price is no longer the sole factor motivating consumers’ purchases – shoppers are now interested in more valuable and enjoyable brand interactions and are in the position to take their business to those companies offering them more than just a deal. Many brands are…

Social is the Foundation for Great Customer Experiences

The business world is undergoing an unprecedented shift. A revolution that’s forcing every organization, from every industry, across every market to rewire how it operates. Contrary to what you might be thinking, disruption is not being driven by the internet, mobile, or digital – it’s being driven by the customer. Connected and empowered like never before, customers expect to be served on-demand and on their terms. Two billion people are connected and empowered like never before. They expect to be served…