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The FIVE Key Building Blocks for a Solid ABM Foundation

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is helping B2B marketers achieve outstanding ROI. According to a 2017 ABM Benchmarking Survey, 87% of marketers reported that ABM delivers higher returns than any other marketing approach. But ABM success depends upon careful planning and execution, starting with putting five foundational building blocks in place: Systems, Data, Processes, Content, and Analytics. Systems Martech & salestech tools to store, manage and engage your contacts Before you undertake an account-based marketing…

Need for Data Orchestration for Contextualizing Customer Experience

For a long time, marketing communication has been unidimensional, i.e., it has always flowed from the brand or organization to the customers or prospects. And the effectiveness of the communication has been measured with sales, surveys or brand recall. But today, in a typical B2B scenario, content consumption is clearly a two-way omnichannel customer experience. It means that the prospects and customers are consuming and reacting to content across a range of platforms, in different forms, at different points in time. So,…